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Those of us, like myself, who have been injured by exposures to pesticides or other toxic chemicals usually find ourselves in much confusion.....similar to a "maze".

Often we feel that we cannot find our way out of the maze because we lack adequate information about our acquired illness. Too often we also lack the functional abilities to effectively help ourselves caused by our chemical injuries.

When we desperately need help the most from our family and friends, we are too often deserted and find ourselves alone.

If you know someone who is chemically ill, offer your hand in help. If you are chemically ill yourself, reach out for help in a support group. You do not have to be alone!

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Pesticide poisoning is a common under-diagnosed illness in America today. Despite recommendations by the Institute of Medicine and others urging the integration of environmental medicine into medical education, health care providers generally receive a very limited amount of training in occupational and environmental health, and in pesticide-related illnesses, in particular.

Story about organophosphate poisoning
Poison in the Home

Tri-Bullet US EPA Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings 5th Edition (1999)
Tri-Bullet Physician's Guide To Pesticide Poisoning
Tri-Bullet Pesticide Training and Health Care Providers Initiatives
Tri-Bullet Pesticide Initiative: Basic Training for Health Care Providers
Tri-Bullet Defining Chemical Injury

In Case of Pesticide Poisoning - EPA Some symptoms of pesticide poisoning can be mistaken for symptoms of other illnesses, such as the flu. When pesticide handlers become ill from working with organophosphate or carbamate insecticides in warm and hot environments, it is sometimes hard to tell whether the person is suffering from heat exhaustion or pesticide poisoning.

Tri-Bullet ATSDR - Using the Exposure History Form, Taking An Exposure History Case Study
Tri-Bullet Pesticide Poisoning Diagnostic Tool
Tri-Bullet Signs, symptoms & EMS management of nerve-agent poisoning

Recognition of Illness Associated With Chemical Exposure - Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Tri-Bullet Click here for an interesting handbook by NATO on the medical aspects of nuclear, biological and chemical defensive operations.
Tri-Bullet Another good read is Exposed: Signs, symptoms & EMS management of nerve-agent poisoning

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Researching Health Effects of Pesticides on the Web can be a daunting task. There are almost 900 pesticides registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and these are formulated into over 20,000 products. Most pesticide ingredients have unfamiliar-sounding chemical names and these names come in many different variations.

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EWG's BodyBurden Scientists have been studying pollutants in air, water and on land for decades. Now they're studying pollution in people, and the findings are troubling.

Tri-Bullet CDC's National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals
Tri-Bullet Researching Effects of Chemicals and Pesticides Upon Health
Tri-Bullet Toxicity, Organophosphate and Carbamate
Tri-Bullet Cholinesterase Inhibition: one of the many important enzymes needed for the proper functioning of the nervous system
Tri-Bullet Organophosphorus Ester-Induced Chronic Neurotoxicity
Tri-Bullet Toxic effects on skin
Tri-Bullet Our Stolen Future
Tri-Bullet E.hormone - hormones and the environment
Tri-Bullet Tiny Air Pollutants Linked to Heart Attacks
Tri-Bullet PCBs, Fungicide Open Brain Cells to Parkinson's Assault
Tri-Bullet Study of insecticide neurotoxicity yields clues to onset of Parkinson's Disease
Tri-Bullet Use of Insecticides Linked to Lasting Neurological Problems for Farmers
Tri-Bullet Chemical Exposure - Collaborative Pain Research Unit - Organophosphate Chemical Information
Tri-Bullet Pollutants link to diabetes risk

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Conflicts of Interest in Medicine - Why Studies Are Not All That They Are Cracked Up to Be The cornerstone of public trust in medical research is the integrity of academic institutions and the expectation that universities, which rely on public funding, have a responsibility to serve the public good.

Many of us are already aware of the problem and its seriousness. But that's not the case with the majority of Americans. Research shows that most believe they're being quite adequately protected from chemical hazards by industry and government alike. That's hardly the case.

Tri-Bullet The Chemical Papers: Secrets of the Chemical Industry Exposed
Tri-Bullet Trade Secrets: A Moyers Report
Tri-Bullet Chemical Executives Meet to Combat PBS Special
Tri-Bullet EWG's Chemical Industry Archives
Tri-Bullet Behind Closed Doors

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Making Good Decisions Risk assessment is one way of making decisions, but it is not the only way, and it is not the best way. Furthermore, risk assessment as usually practiced is unethical.

Tri-Bullet US public health system needs major overhaul, says report
Tri-Bullet Health Tracking And Disease Clusters: The Lack Of Data On Chronic Disease Incidence And Its Impact On Cluster Investigations

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