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Will Your State's Tree or Flower Continue to Grow in Your State?
Plants across the nation are affected by global warming. You have probably seen that many plants in your backyard are blooming earlier. Global warming will mean that many native and iconic plants may no longer find suitable climate conditions in major portions of their historic range. Click on your state to see if your official State Trees or State Flowers may be affected.

This Green Life
Putting The Bloom Back

Home and Garden Pesticides
Questions and answers about safety and alternatives by Attorney General of New York State, Environmental Protection Bureau

Toxic gardens?
Experts explain the risks and suggest some greener tactics to start using this fall.

Garden Oasis: 5 Must-Haves to Go Non-Toxic
Here are five kitchen-cupboard ingredients that no organic gardener should be without, that will help you solve all your pest problems naturally, inexpensively and effectively. Some of them will really surprise you!

Organic Flowers
Find a farmers market or organic flower grower near you

Organic Bouquet
Organic flowers and gifts

A Less Toxic Dormant Oil
In early spring, while fruit trees and shrubs are still dormant, many farmers and gardeners spray what is called a "dormant oil" on the bark and buds of their trees.

Give bees a hand in the garden
Bee-friendly species include bluebells, rosemary, nettles, geraniums, foxgloves and honeysuckle.

Air Pollution Damage To Plants
Injury caused by air pollution is often evident on plants before it can affect humans or other animals.


~Photo Stories - Beyond Pesticides~
Send your best pesticide, alternative to pesticides and environmental photographs to Beyond Pesticides and have them featured on one of the best pesticide reform advocacy websites in the world! Photo story can capture a positive situation (like an organic farm or a pesticide-free school) or negative situation that needs public attention (like the most toxic looking utility pole, cropdusters flying over people's homes, etc.).
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Pesticide-free approaches to turfgrass maintenance
Organic alternatives can take the place of conventional pesticides in a golf course setting

Ewe4ic Ecological Services
Specializes in using cashmere goats to graze and naturally remove noxious weeds and return the land to a healthy, natural ecosystem.

Certified by National Wildlife Federation as Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Because Janet Allen wanted to convey a positive message, rather than emphasizing the negatives of pesticides, she declared her lawn pesticide-free for the benefit of kids, pets, and all living things.

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