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Posters and Fliers
Chemical Awareness

Posters tend to be fairly large and professionally printed, and almost always feature an illustration, while fliers (also known as miniposters) are usually 8 " x 11" or so, are often simply photocopied, and often rely solely on words to get their point across.

Posters and fliers are usually informational in nature.

A good poster can have staying power for years. You probably won't want to use the exact same content for years at a time, but using a coherent theme, the same artist, or other elements to make your group's posters recognizable is a good idea.

Fliers can easily be mailed to almost anyone. It's simple to fold, staple, and slap a stamp and an address label on an eye-catching flyer about an upcoming event. Fliers are cheap.

Perfumes and Sensitivities
Find "free" posters you can download and campaign materials

Scent Awareness Poster
The Sweetest Smell...Copies of this poster are available from The Lung Association Office at a cost of $2 per copy.

EPA's Publications and Posters
Provide general information about ways to reduce risks from pesticide exposure at home, work and at school. Offer "free" posters, pamplets and brochures. We highly recommend the new activity book for kids, Join Our Pest Patrol On Integrated Pest Management. The activity book helps children understand the impact our personal choices, like whether or not to use chemicals to control pests, can have on the environment. The activity book can be ordered in bulk (250 copies).

~ Create Your Own Awareness ~

Tips on Creating your own posters and fliers

"No Perfume" Buttons
(print out and make buttons or signs to make others aware of the health problems caused by fragranced products!)

"Read the Label FIRST!" Campaign
Anyone who would like to help spread the message of the importance of label reading is welcome to use the EPA's "reading person" symbol. There are some basic guidelines governing the use of the logo, which you can read and download.

Chemicals Can Cripple

Click on image to download

It's the Chemicals, Stupid

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~ Sound Bites ~

We all want our kids to grow up in a safe community.

Everyone is just one exposure away from becoming MCS.

Pesticides kill weeds and bugs.......think they're healthy for your kids? (Used effectively in Canada)

Pesticides kill weeds and bugs.....who's next? (Used effectively in Canada)

TIP: The local business and printing office in my area will print free of charge up to 100 copies of a flier or poster for a public cause by a citizens group. Perhaps the printing office in your area will offer to do the same for you, or at a reduced cost. Give it a try.
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