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One of the most difficult tasks will be finding a doctor that can help you. Most physicians receive very little, if any at all, training in how to recognize and treat pesticide poisoning or any of the related health effects in the early stages of the illness.

When choosing any doctor or medical clinic, we urge caution. If you find yourself in a controversial situation and believe you have been poisoned by pesticides or have a chemical injury or illness, find another doctor. Your prognosis usually depends upon receiving appropriate treatment right away.

How to find a Doctor

First, the Doctor you choose Must treat you as a patient and not as a controversial subject.

Second, If your Doctor does not have training and experience in diagnosing Chemically induced injuries he should be willing and happy to refer you to a specialist familiar with Chemical Injuries caused by Low Level Chemical Exposures . If not, find another Doctor.

Third, The Specialist should have actual experience with a good number of chemically injured patients. He should have long term experience in the treatment of your illness.

The Doctor you find may be a Medical Doctor or a Doctor of Osteopathy.

Your Doctor may be a specialists in Immunotoxicology, Toxicology, Occupational Medicine, Neurotoxicology, a Cardio-vascular Surgeon, Neuropsychiatry, or Clinical Ecology (Environmental Medicine).

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We recommend ordering several copies of EPA's handbook. Order one for yourself, your physician and local hospital. Give one to a friend or family member and donate one to your local library. Copies are "free". US EPA Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings 5th Edition (1999)

Dr. Sarah Myhill An excellent resource for helping you diagnose illness online.

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Tired or Toxic? Many doctors who work with chronically fatigued patients and those who work in the field of environmental medicine, agree that chemical exposure is a major contributor to fatigue and low vitality.

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We lose our health, our jobs, and our pleasures in life. We lose our homes, our families, and our friends. Then we find ourselves desperately fighting the system for our rights and benefits to meet our basic needs. We feel abandoned and abused.

Major losses can rule our lives for years with feelings of helplessness, confusion and overwhelming sadness. Often times our emotions can effect our self-esteem and wellness.

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Declaring an Emergency: Under this Act, any Governor could appoint himself dictator by declaring a "public health emergency." He doesn't even have to consult anyone.
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