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Detecting Symptoms of Toxic Exposure and Detoxing
Practically speaking, detoxing involves not only getting the toxic contamination out of the body but also stopping the contamination sources as much as possible. Restoration requires much more and while much is possible, complete restoration following toxic exposure is not. Toxins kill cells of the body and those cell lines killed will not come back to life. Toxins also alter cellular DNA. Detoxification can remove much of the toxins and bring a halt to the continuing destruction those toxins would be doing.

Detox Baths for Purification
You may experience flu-like symptoms during the detoxification because your body is ridding itself of poisons. You can get some relief from these symptoms by taking baths using epsom salts (1 to 2 cups) and baking soda (1 cup) in a tub of water and soaking for 20 minutes (soaking for more than 20 minutes may cause you to get too exhausted). On off days, you can put 1 cup of apple cider vinegar in the tub and soak.

Naturally restore and maintain the health of your vitally important liver
When it comes to maintaining good health, as well as fighting and warding off disease and illness, no organ is more important to us than the liver - the body's toxic disposal plant. A healthy diet is essential for good liver health, and there are also several specific natural food and supplement items which can help maintain and restore the liver to optimum natural function.

The liver is the largest organ in the body and is by far the primary way we eliminate dangerous toxins and other waste items, which are normally processed and eliminated via the bile ducts. The liver also helps process nutrients and stores vitamins and minerals.

Why Toxins and Waste Products Impede Weight Loss
Individuals with chemical sensitivity issues are extremely challenged. Virtually all individuals with chemical sensitivity are hyper-inflamed, have lost physical strength and fitness, and are either overweight or underweight. Oddly enough, being overweight is generally better than being underweight, because at least the backup system of stuffing toxins into fat still works. (emphasis added) Underweight people usually have excessive damage to their white adipose tissue and can't store toxins in fat. This usually equates to more damage in their bodies from the toxins (including type 2 diabetes).  However, as the weight is lost and the toxins come back into the blood, it is like a fresh new chemical exposure with a reaction. Such individuals must optimize their vitamin D levels—keeping them in the upper 2/3 of normal range—while using anti-inflammatory nutrients like quercetin and grape seed extract to help lower the amount of chemical reactions that will otherwise derail their progress.

Weight Management and the Importance of Detox
Random fat sampling by our EPA shows that all Americans store fat-soluble toxins from common chemical exposures in their fat. This is a testament to the amount of pollution we face. Some of these like PCBs, which are proven to elevate in your blood as they are released from fat when you lose weight, can be quite toxic. You must be able to get toxins out of your system fully as you lose weight, otherwise your fat will simply not release them easily and you will struggle to lose weight past a certain point.

I have observed many times that a key reason for rapid weight gain (25 to 50 pounds in a year) is that the person is toxic (emphasis added). This is a self-defense mechanism wherein toxins are being stuffed into fat and gotten out of the circulation so as to protect vital organs from damage. Of course, with our understanding of leptin we come to realize that fat itself is a vital organ and so none of this toxic storage in fat is a good thing.

Use these tips to detox after exposure to aerial or ground sprayed pesticides
(NaturalNews) If you live in an area which is being blanketed with aerial or ground spraying of pesticides for mosquitoes, it is virtually impossible to completely avoid exposure. However, there is plenty you can do to help get the pesticides out of your body and offset their effects.

Learn how to detoxify electromagnetic radiation and more with bentonite clay
Consuming clay may seem like the action of a child rather than an adult, but wellness professionals are clear: Clay is good for you. As a mighty cleanser, bentonite detoxifies the liver, colon and skin. It also absorbs nasty bacteria throughout the system and even soaks up radiation -- electromagnetic or otherwise. The list of ailments that respond to bentonite is long. It eliminates food allergies, parasites, candida and viral infections. Arthritis, diarrhea and stomach ulcers are conquered too. Think of bentonite as a benevolent porous sponge, mopping up toxins from poor food choices, contaminated water and modern living.

Detoxification: Personal Survival in a Chemical World by Theron G. Randolph, M.D. and R. Michael Wisner
Due to the number of inquiries that we receive about the Hubbard method of detoxification we decided that a brief but informative essay on this subject would be met with approval by lay persons and professionals alike. The following information has been taken from chapters of the new edition of my book "An Alternative Approach to Allergies - The New, Field of Clinical Ecology Unravels the Environmental Causes of Mental and Physical Ills ", New York, Harper and Row - TGR

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