Attracting Butterflies
Making your yard more attractive to butterflies does not have to be an expensive, major undertaking. A few choice plants, a basking site, and a source of water may be all that is needed to entice these colorful insects into your yard.

Plan Your Habitat - Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Want to attract more birds, butterflies, and other creatures to your own backyard? Let National Wildlife Federation show you how. They'll help you create an online habitat and a species list complete with photos. They'll offer advice every step of the way. They'll even show you how to have your yard certified as an official Backyard Wildlife Habitat site.

Strange Migration
Monarch butterflies are famous for their annual migrations. Some of these insects travel thousands of miles each fall -- an astonishing distance for such fragile creatures. Yet few people realize that the Monarchs we see in the spring are not necessarily the same ones that fluttered past in the fall.

Live Monarch
Living butterflies for every occasion, free milkweed seeds

Butterfly Pavilion
Plant your garden in a sunny place to increase blooming, and provide rocks for butterflies to bask in the sun. Butterflies bask to heat up their wing muscles for flight. Also, be sure NOT TO USE PESTICIDES in or near your garden.

Schoolyard Habitats - National Wildlife Federation
Certification program and educator professional development workshops are designed to bring the natural world to kids and kids out into nature!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Follow the trail of food sampled by a hungry little caterpillar
in Eric Carle's bold and bright story.

Teaching Agriculture to Students
A butterfly garden has been in the works for quite a few years now at Plymouth Elementary School.

~Butterflies of Louisiana~
~Butterflies and Moths of North America~
~North American Butterfly Association~

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