Pesticides and Bug Wars

OVERKILL: Why Pesticide Spraying for West Nile Virus May Cause More Harm Than Good

West Nile Virus and Mosquito Control Practices

Brevard's Health Risk on Pesticides Used in Mosquito Control

Pesticides & Mosquitoes: White Paper: The cure is worse than the disease

West Nile Fever In Your Gas Tank

CDC: West Nile 264 die in 2003

CDC: Influenza 36,000 die each year from the flu

Solvents for Mosquito Conrol

EPA and Mosquito Control

EPA: Other (Inert) Pesticide Ingredients in Pesticide Products

National Pesticide Information Center

Mutant Malathion

Dr. Sinclair's Malathion Medical Research

Citizens for Responsible Alternatives to Malathion (CRAM)

Mosquito Labeling Issues

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For more information visit: Government and Pesticide Regulation in the News and read the report by the U.S. General Accounting Office Lawn Care Pesticides - Risks Remain Uncertain While Prohibited Safety Claims Continue

Read the Label

The label on a pesticide product will identify the active ingredient(s) but the other (inert) ingredients, which can comprise the bulk of the product, are kept secret from the public. Most people would equate the term "inert" with harmless. That's hardly the case.

Four Attorneys General filed a lawsuit to require full pesticide labeling against EPA for failing to act on an essential public health petition relating to pesticide labeling. Read the press release: States Seek Labeling Of All Pesticide Ingredients

It is important to understand the difference between the two types of ingredients and the possible consequences of the different ways in which they are managed by EPA. Read the report by the Office of New York Attorney General: The Secret In Pesticides: Reducing The Risk

Even then, requiring full pesticide labeling will not prevent fraud. Read: Micro Flo Accused Of Falsely Labeling Pesticides

Out of Control
The specter of West Nile virus has given new urgency to the annual assault on mosquitoes. But what are the real costs of this chemical warfare?

Tri-Bullet Biological and Chemical Warfare Are Here Now
Tri-Bullet West Nile Virus - Does It Exist?
Tri-Bullet Developing Ideas To Understand Epidemics and Pesticide Programs
Tri-Bullet Cropduster Manual Discovered in Suspected Terrorist Hideout
Tri-Bullet Risks to crop-duster planes to attack Europe seen low

Retention Ponds

Tri-Bullet Retention ponds may play role in West Nile spread
Tri-Bullet Watching over retention ponds
Tri-Bullet EPA: Do stormwater retention ponds contribute to mosquito problems?


You can insist your public officials examine and explain why less toxic means of pest control are not being employed. Read the chapter on mosquito control in The Best Control.

Regulatory News (these are the people that are supposed to protect you) Mississippi Board on Crop Dusting accused of bias; ineffectiveness. In recent years, the board has slashed penalties by half or more in some cases without giving a reason, and in at least one case, allowed a board member to recommend a penalty for his own company when his son was the pilot in the complaint. Read more...

Buzz Kill Crop dusters spray pesticides on homes, animals and people while the Arizona Department of Agriculture does little to stop them At the Department of Agriculture, the possibility that someone could be hurt or killed doesn't count for much when it comes to punishing errant crop dusters, according to five years of cases reviewed by New Times. Even when a pilot is grossly negligent, it makes little difference in the penalty unless there is evidence that someone did get hurt. And the evidence required to meet that burden of proof is high. Read more...

34 EXPOSED TO CHEMICAL More than 30 people at a softball game for 14-15 year old girls were sickened Monday evening after inhaling a pesticide that was being sprayed to control mosquitos. The Saratoga County Sheriff's office identified the pesticide as FYFANON ULV, a brand name for malathion that was being sprayed beyond the outfield by a crew from Tree Care by Stan Hunt. Rescue squads from the arearesponded and took patients to Glens Falls Hospital. The incident is being investigated by the County Sheriff. Read more...

Aerial herbicide impact to farmers in Ecuador Under the US-funded Plan Colombia to eradicate drug crops, crop-dusting planes have sprayed the herbicide glyphosate over at least 40,000 ha in southern Colombia. Aerial application has intensified since December 2000, with startling adverse effects on human and livestock health. Read more...
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