Scotts Miracle-Gro Will Pay $12.5 Million in Criminal Fines and Civil Penalties for Violations of Federal Pesticide Laws
Scotts pleaded guilty in February 2012 to illegally applying insecticides to its wild bird food products that are toxic to birds, falsifying pesticide registration documents, distributing pesticides with misleading and unapproved labels, and distributing unregistered pesticides. This is the largest criminal penalty under FIFRA to date.

Tough Month for Wildlife
March is the most difficult month of the year for birds to find adequate food to survive winter in most of North America. That's because the supplies of natural food....last year's seeds, fruits, berries and insect eggs and larvae...are at their lowest levels after months of birds feeding on them.

Pesticides and Birds
Citizen scientists spur investigation of possible link between pesticides and unhatched eggs

Reduce Yard Pests the Nontoxic Way
As bird lovers and stewards of our environment, we can use natural remedies to improve the quality of our landscape. Provides a list of alternatives to artificial pesticides.

Backyard Wildlife Habitat - National Wildlife Federation
Get started with online planner, find native plants in your region, get a local wildlife guide and more.

Landscaping to Attract Birds
Taken from a US Fish & Wildlife Service pamphlet, "Homes for Birds".

Nest Box Cam
Take a peek!

~Compliments of Wild Birds Forever~
Attracking more wild birds to your backyard. Click here
Attracking woodpeckers to your backyard. Click here
Nest Box/Birdhouse Dimensions for Wild Birds. Click here

~What Bird Feeders to Use~ Click here

~Make Your Own Suet~
Peanut butter-cornmeal mixes (one part peanut butter, four parts cornmeal, and one part vegetable shortening; good for winter and summer feeding). Taken from Audubon Backyard

Easy Project to Add Bird Baths and Drippers in Your Backyard to Attract Birds
The clay pot bird bath can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. In its simplest form, just place a large clay saucer on the ground. Fill it with water and perhaps a few stones or pebbles. Remember, there will be birds of all sizes using the bath so the pebbles add varying water depths.

Build a Simple Bird Water Garden

Real Bird Homes
You probably know what kind of birdhouses people like.  You are now about to learn what kind of birdhouse birds need.

A Nature-Lovers' Alert
Birds at Risk from Garden Pesticides

are one of my favorite visitors in my backyard. I can watch for hours the wee birds frolicking in my garden, and I often do from the comfort of my hammock placed nearby. Many times, the wee hummingbirds have become as curious about me in my garden as I have become about them. Each time I am so amazed when the birds check me out in such a trusting way.

UnPave the Way for Hummingbirds
You can attract hummingbirds to your yard and help them along on their long journey by providing a hummingbird feeder with sugar water and by planting a hummingbird garden to provide natural nectar plants too!

Visit the Hummingbird Cam

Hummingbird Pics from Birth to Flight

Hummingbird Pictures Guide

Birds, Birds, Birds
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is the principal Federal agency charged with protecting and enhancing the populations and habitat of more than 800 species of birds that spend all or part of their lives in the United States.

Building Backyard Habitats in Louisiana
Did you know that watching wildlife is one of the fastest growing activities in this country? Did you know that you can create a habitat for wildlife right in your own backyard --- whether you have an apartment balcony in the city or a large backyard in the suburbs?

Audubon in Louisiana
Group connects Louisiana citizens with nature through education and experience on the land.

Pesticides, NOT West Nile Virus, are the Leading Cause of Bird Deaths
Birds collected for a study on West Nile Virus discovered more died from pesticide poisoning than from the virus itself. For additional information on West Nile Virus and pesticide spraying, visit our site Reducing the Risks in Mosquito Control

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