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Mysterious Bat Die-Off
Hibernating bats are dying by the tens of thousands in the northeastern United States, and a growing circle of top scientists is anxiously trying to figure out why. The mystery affliction, reported in New York, Vermont and Massachusetts, is dubbed "white-nose syndrome"; because many affected bats had visible halos of white fungus around their faces.

Bat Facts
Forget all those stories about bats being blind, becoming entangled in hair, and transmitting diseases to humans and animals. Myths about bats abound, but the facts about these animals are actually far more interesting.

Alternatives to Spraying
Besides Prevention, Prevention, Prevention?

Consider A Bat House!
Consider the community use of a bat house as part of a natural mosquito abatement program. Many zoos, parks, and city managers have installed bat houses in order to provide roosting habitat for their local bat species, as a single bat is capable of eating 500 - 1000 mosquitoes per hour. Bats are one of our most beneficial creatures alive. Yet, due to human development and the use of pesticides, the numbers of bats are in serious decline (with some species threatened by extinction).

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Backyard Bat Houses Promote Pest Control
If you see more bats this Halloween, it may be because homeowners are installing backyard bat houses to encourage the flying mammals to hang around and provide natural pest control, says a University of Florida (UF) expert.

Many things people think they know about bats aren't even true. Bats aren't blind, they're not rodents, and they won't get tangled in your hair. The truth is that bats are among the most gentle, beneficial, and necessary animals on earth.

Explore the site of the Bat Conservation International and learn more about these unique animals.

Bats in the House
Short video (about ten and a half minutes) that demonstrates exactly how to capture and remove wayward bats from homes without harming the bat or yourself.

Visit the BatCams
Cloud Forest Alive!
Bat Conservation International

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Special website designed for all children with the hope that kids will like, respect and help protect these endangered species.

Order this Bat House
and all profit -- $11.00/ box -- will go to NCAP!

Build a Simple Bat Detector
The bat's echolocation skills let it avoid small obstacles, and even catch insects, while in flight. Bats are, ultrasonically speaking, very loud --- so loud, that some of them have special ear flaps that close when they generate an ultrasound pulse so they won't make themselves deaf.

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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Division of Endangered Species, Bats
Bats may be the most misunderstood animals in the United States, although as consumers of enormous numbers of insects, they rank among the most beneficial. Almost all United States bats, and 70 percent of the bat species worldwide, feed almost exclusively on insects and are thus extremely beneficial. In fact, bats are the only major predators of night-flying insects. One bat can eat between 600 and 1,000 mosquitoes and other insect pests in just one hour.

To be informed visit our site:
Reducing the Risks in Mosquito Control

Pesticide Use Limitations for St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

CDC: Bats and Rabies
Awareness of the facts about bats and rabies can help people protect themselves, their families, and their pets. This information may also help clear up misunderstandings about bats.

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