Awards & Gifts

Each award and gift has a very special meaning for me. I am truly grateful.

The struggles in doing a website have been tremendous because of the learning disabilities, in particular with something new, that are the results of my chemical injuries. I had never been on the internet before until the summer of 1998 after approval of disability benefits. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me. It's been a rough journey. Special thanks to Karen whose encouragement, support and never ending friendship saw me over the brick walls and through many hurdles.

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The website was listed in Better Homes and Websites on July 18, 1999. What a fantastic surprise as I had only just registered with Net4TV. Thanks so very much!

My First Award - September 19, 1999
Thanks Alex and Grandpa Charles!

Thanks so much Dieter!

Thank you Kind Soul!
This is so lovely...and peaceful.

Thanks Charles!
My prayers are with Alex.

What a special award to receive at this time of the year for Children's Risk to Pesticides.
Merry Christmas Cyber Sisters!

Thanks Shell!

Acorn Award

Thanks League of Toxic Amenders
December 2005