After Terri Schiavo: Why the disability rights movement spoke out, why some of us worried, and where do we go from here?

Why Disability Rights Activists Oppose Physician Assisted Suicide

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Supreme Court: States Can Be Sued Under Disability Law

Court Boosts Civil Rights Law For Disabled

The Supreme Court Hands Down a Key Federalism/Disability Law Decision, And Surprises Some Observers with Its Result

Tennessee v. Lane, et al No. 02-1667

Supreme Court Garrett Decision

9th Circuit: Suit-Happy Past Doesn't Hobble Plaintiff's ADA Case

GAO Finds: Personal Accounts Could Hasten Social Security Shortfall

How To Find A Doctor

The Disability - MCS

"Invisible" Disabilities

Toxlaw MCS Chatboard

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Injury Talk

Lawyers fighting for victims of toxic substances

Environmental Lawyers

Suing Polluters In Small Claims Court

Everybody's Guide to Small Claims Court

Six Steps To Get You Through Small Claims Court

Proving Damages in Toxic Torts: Nervous System Dysfunction

Proving Medical Causation and Damages
in a Toxic Tort Case

The Statue of Limitations: Does CERCLA Preempt JOLLY?

Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals - Standards for Admissibility of Scientific Evidence

Extreme Threat To Class Action Lawsuits

U.S. Access Board

'Lectric Law Library

U.S. and Federal Laws

Toxic Torts


St. Tammany Parish ADA and Services

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"Imagine the terrifying reality of someone too ill to work, being told they will have to wait three or four years for a decision to be made on their Social Security Disability claim. Many face the real threat of eviction if they cannot pay the rent. Many people have not the resources to cope with such a massive problem. They also lack the stamina to fight such a monolithic dehumanizing machine such as the Social Security Disability Administration.

Unfortunately, some people just cannot deal with their physical pain and the lack of Social help, so they commit suicide."

Taken from: National Advocacy Foundation for the Chronically Ill

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We highly recommend The Disability Benefits Information Website and subscribing to Disinissues Yahoo Group

Social Security Disability Secrets
Tips, Secrets &, Advice To Win Social Security Disability, SSI Benefits When You Apply & Appeal

Social Security Handbook

Social Security OnLine
SSA eNews
Representing Clients
Social Security Disability: SSA Must Hold Itself Accountable for Continued Improvement in Decision-Making (GAO/HEHS-97-102) A Must Read! You can also order printed copies of GAO Reports online from GAO Home Page
Guidelines for reporting fraud - SSA Fraud Hotline

Supreme Court Hands Down Cleveland decision
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that workers with disabilities who apply for Social Security disability benefits are not automatically barred from filing a lawsuit alleging discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

'Disabled for a Day'
Reporter Finds Frustration and Stigma

Recognition of MCS as a Legitimate Disease and/or Disability
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) - Facts, Fiction, Disability and the Law
Job Accommodation Network (JAN)
Brain Injury: Proving a Lifetime Disability
Scott Davis, Nationwide Disability Attorney
MCS Legal Help
Brininger LTD ERISA Litigation Web Site

Enforcing the ADA

Department of Justice ADA Home Page
ADA Regulations and Technical Assistance Materials
ADA Enforcement
ADA Title II Technical Assistance Manual
How to file a Title III Complaint
Pro Se Instructions For Filing Lawsuit
How Employers Can Address Mental Illness Claims Under the ADA

American Association of People with Disabilities
American Civil Liberties Union - Disability Rights
Justice For All
Ability Maine
Ragged Edge Magazine
Mainstream - Magazine of the Able-Disabled
Social Security Advisory Service

Federal Access Board Issues New Accessibility Guidelines for Recreation Facilities

Martin v. PGA TOUR -- The Department filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in support of Casey Martin, a professional golfer from Eugene, Oregon, with a rare disability, Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome, that substantially limits his ability to walk. Martin challenged the PGA Tour's refusal to waive its no-carts rule and permit him to ride a cart in its golf tournaments. The PGA argued that its rules governing tournament competition were not covered by title III because the area of the golf course that is restricted to competitors is not open to the general public and is not a place of public accommodation. It also argued that the modification would fundamentally alter the competition and thus was not required by the ADA. The district court rejected both of these arguments. It concluded that the PGA's rules are subject to title III and that permitting Martin to use a cart would not fundamentally alter the competition because walking is not essential to golf. The Department's amicus brief argues that the district court rulings on both the coverage issue and the no-carts rule should be upheld. It argues that facilities or parts of facilities with controlled access or selective admissions criteria can still be places of public accommodation under title III as are, for example, private schools. Therefore, PGA policies affecting competition on the fairways and greens are covered by title III in the same way as are PGA rules affecting the public spectator areas. It also asserts that allowing Martin to use a cart is a reasonable modification that does not alter any essential element of the game of golf, because the PGA allows the use of carts in some tournaments. In addition, modifying the no-carts rule does not disturb the competitive balance of the game because, as the evidence in the district court showed, the fatigue Martin endures even when using a cart is greater than that experienced by other golfers who walk.

Taken from Enforcing the ADA: A Status Report, July-September 1998
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