Le Fantome likes to dabble a bit in oil painting when he has the time. I use the Bob Ross method of wet-on-wet oil painting which I find to be easy and fun to do. I have scanned a few of my better works here and I hope that you enjoy them! I first got into oils while recovering from some major surgery and since I didn't like soap operas I would watch Bob Ross' Joy of Painting show on PBS and said to myself that 'this looks easy and maybe I could do this!" That Christmas I was given the Bob Ross kit and AWWWAAAY I WENT! I have painted more that a dozen nice paintings and a few dogs.......

My favorite painting of an Alaskan Aurora Borealis!

An old mill by the stream

Mountain stream

Stream running through the woods

Mountain cabin

She sells seashells...

An Autumn Halloween road

West Texas cactus scene

View from White Rock Lake

My 1st Painting

Kansas Winter

Finally, just to show that some artistic ability runs in the family is a picture done by my late aunt Ruth of the Family Crest.
Here are 3 gifs of paintings I did in the past. Colors are not good as they were taken off videotapes of them. The orange should be pink...LOL