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The first place I would do to find companies that do mystery shopping is Here you will find a listing of hundreds of companies that do shopping. This list is kept well up to date by the author of the page. They also have a mailing list on Topica that you can join by sending an email to .Also they have a JOB BOARD

Another excellent page is found at . Another less extensive but very good pages of mystery shopping companies can be found. They also have a newsletter and other links to jobs. Both sites (mom-mom and Volition) send to to application pages where personal info needs to be submitted. These are Job Applications and should be treated as such. But direct contact with companies by signing up is the BEST way to get shops!

Email newsletters provide an excellent source of job listings in your area. Generally these are for jobs that are due ASAP. I belong to a number of them. Another source is Job boards like the one at Mystery Shopper Providers Association.Many of them are on Yahoogroups and Topica. Some of the ones I belong to are: *
* (insert your state for Kansas for shops in your area newsletter)

Next I want to provide a list of those companies that I have knowledge of or have worked for currently or in the past. These are the companies I would recommend as reliable.
I will put in links to their application as I find them.
MOM-MOM link above all of these companies can you can find their links....
BTW, don't hesitate to use the 800 numbers to talk to them and ask questions... that's what they are there for...Personal contacts gets you MORE JOBS thus more $$$$!

A Closer Look
Bare Associates
Beyond Hello
Brand Marketing (Mystery Shopper USA)
D.S.G (800-462-8765
Erich and Lavidge
Evaluation Services for Personnel (resume)
The Genesis Group
JM Ridgway Inc
Michaelson & Associates
Mystery Shoppers Inc
Mystique Shopper
Peak Performance
Quest for Best Mystery shoppers
Satisfaction Services
SassyShopper for BAI
Second to None Inc
Sinclair Service Assessments
Shadow Agency ****Video/audio shops!***

PAY....some more words about $$$$$

When you do a shop you can expect to be paid for it generally within 45 days. Now it is possible to be paid quicker than that but the norm is about 30 days depending a lot on when the shop is done within the month. Some companies pay via PAYPAL so you might want to open an account there. Many companies pay at the end of each month for work within that month. Ask the company when you can expect to be paid. Some rare and bad companies pay 60 days.... Avoid them. Feel free to email me for companies that have bad pay records from personal experience or see the newgroups for tips of companies to avoid.

Here are some typical mystery shop form questions you may see. Many of these question deal with food service but also other service questions are included.

Time you arrived......Time you departed?
How many customers were ahead of you?
Time spent in line waiting to be served?
Time after ordering until food was served?
Server's name and description?
Was clerk wearing a name tag?
Were you greeted in a friendly manner?
Were dishes and silverware clean?
Were tables bused quickly?
Was a manager visible during your visit?
Was restroom clean and well stocked?
Did the server suggest specials or other items?
Would you return to this place?
Was the hot foods hot: the cold foods cold?
Was the food tasty and well prepared?
Did the employee answer all your questions fully?
Was the employee knowledgeable?
Were windows, building walls, clean and in good repair?
Was the order read back to you by the server?
Was the check presented in a timely manner?
Did the rep smile and have good eye contact?
Did salesman seem sincere in finding just the thing to meet your expectations?
Was the employee professionally dressed or in uniform?
Did the rep stand and shake your hand as you left?
Did anyone says anything to you as you left?

data.gifEmail LeFantome and I'll tell you why or if you have any questions for me!

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