Famous Folks we have met!

Le Fantome has seen a lot of folks come and go from the Opera House. I took a few pictures of them when they weren't looking... Here are a few family photos of some of them!

First up is a running back who won the Heisman Trophy from the University of Texas and went on to a career with the Houston Oilers as an ALL-PRO wearing No. 34....Earl Campbell "The Tyler Rose" with my late wife and kids!

Here is a famous race car driver who is part of a racing family from New Mexico. When I was in Colorado Springs the family made history winning the Pikes Peak Hill Climb numberous years. He won the Indy 500 race a few times too! .....Bobby Unser and kids

This gentleman is a Colonel in the US Air Force retired from NASA. His crowning acheivement occurred on July 20, 1967 when he and a pal called Neil Armstrong took a little stroll on that hunk of green cheese that we call the Moon! Here is Le Fantome greeting.....Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin...

Another friend of mine in Houston is a former space shutter pilot and commander of veteran of 5 flights in the Shuttle Program. Notably he was the pilor for the Hubble Mission and commanded the shuttle mission with a cosmonaut aboard. Now retired from NASA ....Gen. Chales F. Bolden Jr...Read more about him.

This gentleman and his puppet and a clown who later became Capt Kangeroo entertained a whole generation of "peanuts" in the Peanut Gallery! Here are my three daughters a few years ago with...."Buffalo" Bob Smith and Howdy Doody!

On November 22, 1963 a dark event occurred in the City of Dallas who was greeting a visiting President and his wife, Jackie to our town. Our President was struck down by assassin's bullets. I own 2 pictures that were taken on that dark day. One is copywrited by Ray Morey Sr. and the other is mine. Here are two views of the Presidential motorcade. The color one is taken about 3 blocks from the Texas School Book Depository and the b&w taken in the Turtle Creek Area of Dallas just outside downtown.

During the summer of "68 I was traveling to Baltimore via O'Hare Airport in Chicago at the weekend before the Democratic Nat'l Convention arrivals. Leaving town that day before the infamous DNC of '68 was the senior Senator from the State of Illinois who noted he was gettin' out of town before the trouble. ......Senator Everett Dirksen

One summer it was my priviledge to meet a fine lady and spend some time with a legend. She has won 2 Emmy's and is known to over 2 generations of TV Watchers. Some know her as Schultzie from "Love that Bob" while others know her as "Alice" from the Brady Bunch. I know her as Ann B. Davis and here she is with some of my pals.

One summer while I was in college at ETSU and traveling hootenany band led by this 50 yr old character performer entertained. I spent some tme with him and started a snail mail corrrespondence with him. He was a regular on the old Steve Allen Show and has appeared in many movies, most recently with Michael Douglas in "The Game". He is health food "nut" and peddles his wares to the "Stars". Gypsy died in 2008. Gypsy Boots!

One for the old folks!
Lash Larue, Fuzzy Brown and LeFantome.

Another time while working at the State Fair Music Hall I snapped this photo of Carol Burnett.

Finally a sad picture of "Miss Elizabeth" Hurley and Lex Lugar, wrestling stars whose life of Liz ended tragically in 2003.