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So how do YOU become an extra in the movies or TV? First thing to to go to your local or state film commission and check out this site also. Movies are filmed in all 50 states from time to time. In many states movie extras are hired that are not members of the union. The principal Union is the Screen Actor's Guild. Texas is a non union state. In the Dallas/Austin/Houston area alone over 4 feature films are in progress right now filming that calls for extras. No experience required. We also understand that Chuck Norris of "Walker, Texas RAnger fame will soon open a studio for movies in Dallas. Many people don't know that most of the movies are filmed outside of the Hollywood lots of Los Angeles. In addition yahoogroups has some listing for film casting in specific areas of the country with email lists to inform it's members of upcoming events.
One example locally is Dallas Fim Casting which has sublists of Austin and Midland areas of Texas. The Texas Film Commission and
AUSTIN ACTORS.NET is another source locally.For those really serious Get an agent - they contact agencies when seeking talent for auditions Get a great headshot taken and mass produced - it is your calling card Create a resume based on your experience and training so far Take acting and auditioning classes in your area Join actor support groups to gain knowledge from other actors Find other ways to network with people in the business

Getting an agent

Submit a headshot/resume by mail to the Talent Agencies in your area Include a brief cover letter introducing yourself Follow up with a phone call in 2 weeks
Interview several agencies to find out which one will work best with you Supply your agent with headshots so they can send them to us Marketing materials
Use an experienced headshot photographer for your photos Create a professional resume on computer or webtv and make clean copies Attach your resume to your headshot (staple once on top and bottom) Once you are established, get business cards and post cards, too

New talent should train constantly with respected coaches Use fellow actors' recommendations to find a good coach Make a professional commitment to training Participating in Theatre is a great way to train and build a resume Networking
Join an organization for actors such as AUSTIN ACTORS.NET Support the arts through other organizations in your area Check the Texas Film Commission Hotline for upcoming events and
Contact us
If you don't have an agent, AND WE HAVE POSTED A CASTING PROJECT on the hotline, you may mail a headshot and resume to our offices:
Casting Works LA
902 East 5th Street, Ste 110
Austin, TX 78702

Many years ago my late wife was called to do a dance scene in Sally Field's tv miniseries "Woman of Independent Means" which was a 1 day shoot for 30 seconds in the film. She was a dancer and had been referred to the casting director. She was lucky...but I have found out even "just plain Folks" can have a part in the movies and get paid for doing it!

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