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High-Sierra WTHR Remote-Sensors:

Hwy50 S.Lk Tahoe - EchoPass Peak(7.8k) Remote Sensors

Hwy4 Bear Vlly - Ebbetts Pass(8.7k) Remote Sensors

Hwy108 Sonora Pass - N.Kennedy Mdw (8.1k) Remote Sensors

Hwy120 Yosemite - Tuolumne Mdws(8.6k) Remote Sensors

Hwy180 KingsC.NP Bubbs/Kearsarge -
Charlotte Lake(10.4k) Remote Sensors

GO-TO: Yosemite Half-Dome WebCAM (Img: December 23, 2010)

"The winter! The brightness that blinds you,
The white land locked tight as a drum,
The cold fear that follows and finds you,
The silence that bludgeons you numb."

--Robert Service ~Biog

Mt.Whitney Base-Trail -- Go-To/View WEB-CAM Here

Mt.Whitney (14.5k Ft) ^WEB-CAM^ Lone Pine CA Hwy#395 *

"Hut" Shelter on Mt.Whitney Summit

West(back)side Trail to Mt.Whitney Summit

SIERRA Mountaineering FORUMS

Whitney-Portal Message-Board
(S.E. Sierra near Lone Pine CA on Hwy#395)

Mt Whitney Summit REGISTERS & 1941-1978 Misssing
High Sierra Topix (HST)
Rock Creek Lake Message-Board - Sierra EAST
Summit Post.Org
Super - PCT & JMT Trail-Journals • Trail-Info



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Stealthy Illusions ~for R.J. G.

In this world
 of earthly trails
 filled with crossroads
Appear stealthy illusions.

These are choices,
 offers of curious delights,
 paths for mind and life,
Crisscrosses in collusion.

On either hand
 our acts redirect a tour,
 alter course or scene,
Bypass heartfelt confusion.

Such guideless means --
 for you or me
 apart in era and place --
Asks this reflection;

Recollect some trip,
 travel its circular motion,
 reverse any event,
Arrive with mirrored solution:

Each trek winds up
 tracing traverses,
 mystical coils of clues
To one recurring conclusion.

© ttsloane

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