The Mighty Hump

This Is A View Of The Mighty Hump As Seen By Every Pilot And Crew Member That Ever Flew The Hump. It Was An Awesome Sight Of Nothing But Mountains-- Snow-- Ice-- And Winds. A Lot Of Good Men Lost Their Lives Flying This Hunk Of Ice And Snow.

What the hump cost from December1st,1942 to November 16th,1945

The pilots and crews delivered a total of 776,653 tons of war materials at the cost of 910 crewmen-130 passengers-594 planes lost only 75 men rescued. A terrible price to pay but these pilots and crew members delivered.

Kwelin Engineering Area

Here Is A Group Of 396th Guys Kwelin,China.Kneelig- ? -Dildine- ?- Weidenbrenner. Standing-?- Knecht-Rhoads-?- Zabecki


Here Is A Group Of 396th Guys At Kwelin Taking A Break While Rebulding One Of The P-40's
Souder,Reese,Kennedy,O'Connor,Rodriguez and Thompson


Here Is A Group Of 396th Guys At Kwelin Taking A Break Souder, Reese, O'Connor and Jeffries

Another 396th Buddy

This Is Frank Tevald In A Photo Taken In The States Before We Shipped Out To China.(Note The Clean Uniform) Thanks To His Grandson Mike Adams For This Photo

A Couple Of Coolies

This Is Tevald And Bukey Clowning Around With A Chinese Boy And His Sedan Chair

Two Great Officers

This Is Lt. Sohl And Lt. Chaves Two Of The 396th's Great Engineering Officers

Hard At Work

This Is A Group Of 396th Mechanics Changing A B-24 Engine At Luichow, China,

Six Hunks

This Is A Bunch Of 396th Guys Taking Advantage Of A Chance To Take A Bath And Enjoy A Swim At The Same Time. Sorry I Can Only Name Four Of Them. John Marlatt,Jr and Dale Souder Are the First Two And Ernie Estes And Marlin Reese At The End Of The Line.

Two More More Members Of The 396th

This is John Marlatt Jr. and his buddy George Pittman. Both sheetmetal mechanics with the 396th.Not sure what it is they are carrying.

Be It Ever So Humble

This Is A View Of Our Salvage Area At Liangshan,China.The Goats In The Picture Were A Problem And Almost Got Ralph O'Connor Court Martialed.


This Is a picture of the shop area at Kwelin, China. The guys are Houser--Dowds--Harrison and an unkunown Chinese.

Instrument Dept. People

This Is Lester Schmidt and "Doc"Kreiwitz relaxing in "Doc's" Instrument shop. Doc headed up this department.

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