The Claire E.Chennault Award A Treasured Possesion

This Great Award Was Bestowed On Me By The Board Members Of The 14th Air Force Association At The Memorial Day Meeting In 2006.I Am Very Proud And Humbled By This Award And Wish To Thank All The Board Members For This Prestigious Award.

Luichow, China~ Cultural Society Award

This Award Was Given Me By The Luichow, China Cultural Society For Publications And Photos That I Donated To Them For The Preservation Of The Luichow, China History.

Translation Of The ABove Chinese Characters In The Award.

Those (4) Photos Of The Flying Tigers You Donated Are Now Collected By Our Department As A Historical Record Of Luichow. Thank you For Supporting Us To Keep The History And Culture Of Luichow Alive Today,And We Hope There Can Be More Cooperation Between Us To Improve The Friendship Between China And The United States.

Luichow Cultural Affairs Department,

Chinese Service Award Badge

This Medal Was Issued By The Chinese Nationalist Government Of Taiwan In Rememberance To All That Served In China During The Years 1942 ~ 1945 In The War With Japan. It Is A Prized Possesion.

Caterpillar Club Membership Card

This My Caterpillar Membership Card Awarded Me In Memory Of My Bail-Out From The B-25 "Chicken Charlie" Of The 11th Bomb Squadron On March 30th,1944. Another Of My Prized Possesions

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