The Flying Tigers Brigade Of Guilin,China

The following story is from a letter I received from one Lin Zhe Hon a native of Guilin, China relating his experiences while serving in the Chinese Nationalist Army as an translator between the Chinese and American soldiers of the 14th Air Force. This is his story exactly as written.(Note) As you read this story please remember that English is not the native laguage of Mr.Lin Zhe Hon but he does an excellant job of telling this story as he remembers it.

The Flying Tiger Brigade Of Guilin

The Chinese People's War Of Resistance against Japanese aggression was part of a world-wide struggle against tyranny and fascism with extensive support from people all over the world. During World War Two the United States,England,China,France,Soviet Union and other allied countries formed an alliance to defeat the Axis of Germany,Japan and Italy. In 1942 General Chennault was sent to China by President Roosevelt to help the Chinese people fight their War Of Resistance against Japan.General Chennault with airmen from The Flying Tiger Brigade arrived in Guilin a city in China's Guangxi Province. The American General organized Air Unit No.14. In the month of November 1943 both China and the United States formed a joint brigade in Guilin.

It started with 100 planes and 250 officers and airmen. By 1944 there were 1000 planes and 20,000 military personnel. 500 planes were used in combat,250 heavy type bombers and 250 planes were stationedat Guilin Yang Tan Airport. They raided enemy occupied territory and transportation in the sea. The Flying Tiger Brigade were housed near the airport in Yang Tan which lies west of Guilin. The walls of the houses were built with camphor wood. Equipped with American style furniture, hot bath and a billiard table. They were always ready to fight Japanese war planes.

One early morning the alarm sounded above the skies alerting the people of the Japanese war planes. As they neared Guilin the American Comander of the squadron ordered his fighters to fly into high sky in groups of three and keep watch on the enemy planes. Shortly right after that the Japanese bombers and fighters reached Guilin. The airmen attacked the enemy planes at the same time. Sparks flew from the Japanese. Fighting was quite heavy. While the people watched enemy planes fall down, thousands of them applauded the members of the Brigade. By the end of the fight eleven enemy planes had been shot down.Two heavily damaged enemy planes escaped nearly from the jaws of death. The Flying Tiger Brigade won an astonishing victory in their first battle. The Japanese planes did not dare to fly into the skies above Guilin again.

The people of Guilin lived in a secured and safe atmosphere. In order to appreciate the Brigade's heroic deed Guangxi authorities held a celebration. Every airman was given a silk clothing with embroidering as a present. There was an eagle which sprung on the invaders planes. These gifts brought the Flying Tigers encouragement as they flew into the skies. They performed stunt flights. Thousands of Chinese people watched their flying skills, since then whenever Chinese people meet American airmen they praise them for their skills.

General Chennault looked wonderful. He was very easy to get along with. He wore an old felt hat and was always dressed in officers clothing with a Chinese badge on his shirts. He was brave and skilled in battle. He loved the Chinese people.The entire airport was protected by Chinese soldiers. The command post was in a cave. The cave was guarded by one soldier.When General Chennault came came into the cave he solemnly saluted the soldier.The General loved his comrades in arms very much.When his members (airmen) went out to bomb Japan he always prayed for them. This is how he would pray.

The children who were born during the battle long for peace and tranquility for their growing up in the shouting.However the perplexed house fell down again. The earth laid in ruins. You looked at the barbarous and rude things that have no life. The life was swallowed by Totalitarism. You must fight continuosly you can recapture for all things that were lost.You can uproot that dark and barbarous only take a tooth for a tooth and demand blood for blood can you live.

Happiness in life and have peace. Those who joined the magnificent feat had a sense of well being. Those who saw the enemy planes down had good fortune.Those who buried the old times were personally happy. On November 25,1943 the Flying Tiger Brigade won achievment in battle again. SINO EMERICAN joint Brigade sent off 29 various style planes to raid the Japanese airport in Sinzu,Taiwan provence. The Japanese took off in a hurry. The enemy planes tried to fight in the skies. The enemy planes were overwhelmed by our imposing manner. Twelve planes were shot down and 31 planes were destroyed in the airport. A lot of enemy soldiers died or were seriously injured. This success during the battle by the Commander of The Flying Tiger Brigade was said to set a high new record for distant battle.

The Flying Tiger Brigade often launched continuous attacks.The result of the fighting was extraordinary. The people of Guilin forged profound and everlasting friendship with them. The Bank Of China , Bank Of Communications and the Bank Of Agriculture gave a banquet in honor of these distinguished members. On double Sept. of 1943 Guangxi Aviation Reconstructive Society awarded a medal of praise to them for helping China fight against Japan.The Flying Tiger Brigade built 3 basketball courts and a volleyball court.The basketball matches always took place betwen the Tiger Brigade team and their friends. Since 1943 Japanese war planes have never regained domination in China and transportation lines have met with control in the sea.

Japnese invaders gathered 100 thousand men who tried to occupy Zhejiang City. The city of Zhejiang lies in the southwest of Hunan Province. It flows into southwest strategically communicated road. The Zhejiang River airport was a Sino-US important airforce base.The airport bore the responsibility to bomb Japanese positions and to attack Japanese territory. In order to guard Zhejiang airport the No.14 aviation group had jurisdiction 500 planes, 50 fighter planes,230 bombers, 2 high scouts into Zhejiang City under the leadership of General Chennault. Chinese troops fought with the Flying Tiger Brigade. They defeated the Japanese aggressors.

General Chennault and the Flying Tiger Brigade did much work for the Chinese people in their struggle against Japanese Imperialism. We can never forget what the General did here. We all were happy to express our heartfelt gratitude to THE FLYING TIGER BRIGADE.

Zhe Hon Lin

Guilin China

That is the story as told to me by Lin Zhe Hon. If you would care to write him and make any comments about his story here is his mailing address in Guilin, China. I am sure he would welcome your mail and reply to it.

Lin Zhe Hon

Unit 2 Second Floor

19 Building Yin Wu Road



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