China Memorials

Some Of The Monuments Located In China In Memory Of All That Served In The China Theatre In World War 11 During The Years 1941 Thru 1945.

Picture Of The Flying Tiger Memorial Museum Located At Heritage Park, Guilin, China At Our Old Air Base At Yang Tong Airield. This Museum Is A Tribute To General Claire Chennault and The American AVG "Flying Tigers" That Protected The Chinese People Prior To Pearl Harbor And Our Entrance Into The War Against Japan. It Will Officially Open The First Part Of 2013.

This Flying Tiger Monument In The Area Of Taishan Located About 100 Miles N.E. of Canton Was The Brainstorm Of Frank Leong Who Was With HQ. 14thASG And Is A Member Of The 14th AF Assoc. He Designed It And Was Largely Responsible For It Being Built. Funds For The Project Came Largely From The Chinese Americans of The 14th Air Force Association. The Monument Was Dedicated In 1991 And The Memorial Gate Was Added In 1994


Picture Of The Flying Tiger Memorial Gate In Taishan,China Taken During The Dedication Ceremonies

The Message On The Gate Reads

"Dedicated To The Memory Of All CBI Veterans~WW 11,1941-1945"


Monument Presented By The Chinese American Veterans Of The 14th Air Force And Members Of The 14th Air Force Association


The Inscription On The Flying Tigers Monument Granite Pedestal Reads

"Dedicated To The Memory Of Lt. Gen. Claire Lee Chennault, U.S. Air Force~Commander Of The Flying Tigers Of The American Volunteer Group~The China Air Task Force And The 14th Air Force 1941-1945 In The China Burma India Theatre.

In 1995 Bob Lee And Fred Poats Led A Group Of 14th Air Force Association Members To Nanjing China For The Dedication Of A Monument To The Aviators Of The War Of Resistance Against Japan. These Are Some Pictures Taken By Bob Lee Of The Ceremony

This Memorial Lies On A Hillside East Of The City Of Nanjing.

Entrance Pavilion

Entrance Pavilion To The Aviators Of The War Of Resistance To Japan

Dedicated September 3,1995 On The 50th Anniversary Of The Japanese Surrender

Etched Marble Panels

These Panels Are Engraved With The Names Of 870 Chinese Airmen~236 Soviet~2186 American And 2 Koreans.

Pilots Or Cew Members All KIA Or Died In The Line Of Duty In China In World War 11

Marble Monuments

This Is Another View Of The Marble Monuments Enscribed In Chinese.

The People In Front Of The Monument Are Relatives Of Of One Of The Names Enscribed On The Monument

Marble Monuments

This Is Another View Of The Marble Monuments Enscribed In English With The Names Of American Aviators KIA In China

Marble Monuments

This Is Another View Of The Marble Monuments Enscribed In Russian With The Names Of Russian Aviators KIA In China

Sculptured Figures

These Two Figures That Bracket The Fluted Monument Represent On One Side A Chinese And An American Flyer And On The Other Side A Chinese And A Russian Flyer

Fluted Columns

These Are Two Fluted Columns On The Top Of A Slope One Bearing The Name Of The Memorial In Chinese And The Other In English.

Both Are Dedicated To The "Aviation Martyrs In The War Against Japanese Aggression".

Hump Pilot Memorial

This Is A Memorial Built By The Chinese As A Tribute To All The Pilots And Crews That Flew Missions Over The Hump Bringing In Supplies-Gas Ammunition-Bombs And All The Other Essentials Needed To Support The Troops In China. This Memorial Is Located In Kunming,China.

Bust Of Gen.Chennault

This Is A Bust Of Gen.Claire Lee Chennault Located In New Park, Taipei,Taiwan ROC.In May Of 1985 The 14th Air Force Association Held A Convention Here At Which Time A Commerative Plaque Dedicated To The Chinese And Americans That Gave Their Lives During The War Were Honored.<.b>

Marble Momument

This Is One Of The Two Marble Monuments Designed By Wayne Johnson And Elynn Richelson Eiss. These Monuments Bracket The Bust Of Gen. Chennault. This One Lists The U.S.Air Corps Organizations Serving In China In WW 11. It Also Has Two P-40's And The Flying Tiger Logo Etched In The Plaque.Wayne Johnson Is Standing In Front Of The Monument.

Marble Monument

This Is The Other Monument That Brackets The Bust Of Gen Chennault. The Chinese Nationalist Flag With The Rescue Patch Under The Flag Is On The Left. On The Right Is The CBI Patch.

This Monument Is Not Located In China But I Feel It Should Be Included In This Group Of Monuments Honoring The Veterans Of The China Burma India Theatre

This is the 14th Air Force Memorial located at the United States Air Force Museum,Dayton,Ohio. This unit was designed, funded and built by the members of The 14th Air Force Association and friends from Free China,Taiwan.Dedication was held on July 10th,1992

I Want To Extend My Thanks To Bob Lee For His Tireless Work In The Promotion Of The 14th Air Force Association And For Some Of The Great Pictures You See On This Web Site. Thank You Bob Lee

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