China Monuments

The following photos are of monuments and historical sites that in some way relate to what happened in China during the war with the Japanese invaders. This is as they exist today in Mainland China and are must see places for anyone visiting China today

Memorial Grave Site Of Robert Hoyle Upchurch

This is a photo photo of the grave site as it appears on Thursday morning, April 5, 2007 sixty two years after his remains were identified and returned to High Falls,NC and buried with full military honors. This monument is located in Guidong County, Hunan Province, China.Tomb Sweeping Day a Chinese Memorial Day was purposely chosen for the dedication ceremony as lasting Memorial to Robert Hoyle Upchurch an American P-40 pilot that made the supreme sacrifice while defending China against the Japanese invaders during World War Two

Monument Of The Anti-Japanese War Victory ~ Zhijiang

This monument is located at Zhijiang County, Hunan province. It is the site the Chinese people accepted the surrender from the Japanese army on August 21st,1945

Surrender Acceptance Archway ~ Zhijiang

This archway was built in February 1946, to commemorate the victory of the people of China in the Anti-Japanese War. It is one of six major Triumph Gates in the world.

Flying Tiger Museum ~ Zhijiang

This museum is located on the historic American Army and Chinese Airfield. It was the first Flying Tiger Museum to be built in China and it was dedicated on September 1st,2005

CATF And 14th Air Force Headquarters ~ Zhijiang

This historic three story building served as both Control Tower and Operational Headquarters for CATF and the 14th Air Force in all of eastern China

Stone Rollers 14th Air Force Airfield ~ Zhijiang

This air base was known as Chihkiang to the American forces stationed there. These are some of the more than ten stone rollers that are still there. These rollers were used to build and maintain the runways

Chennault's Residence And Headquarters ~ Kunming

This building was the personal residence and headquarters for Gen. Claire Lee Chennault commander ot the Flying Tigers ~ The CATF and The 14th Air Force in China

Hump Flight Monument ~ Kunming

This monument was built by the Chinese to commemorate the accomplisments of all American and Chinese pilots and air crew members that flew over the dangerous mountains called "The Hump" and provided all the essential supplies needed by the forces in China. Dedicated in May 1993

Anti-Japanese Aviation Martyr's Monument ~ Nanjing

Built to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the victory over the Japanese forces in China. Dedicated September 3rd, 1995

Chinese National Museum Of War ~ Beijing

Located in Beijing, China this is the largest museum and memorial commemorating China's victory over the Japanese Forces in World War Two

Museum Of The American Troops To Aid China ~ Chengdu

This museum was the first of its kind to be privately funded and privately built. Inauguration ceremony August 30th, 2005

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