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My Home Page A Tribute To The 396th Air Service Squadron ~ 12th Air Service Group~China Days 1944-1945

Home Page Of The 118th Tactical Recon Squadron

The Flying Tigers Heritage Park Memoria ,Guilin China Tribute Page

Home Page Of The 14th Air Service Group And The 987 Signal Company

Home Page 9th Photo Recon Squadron CBI Theatre 1942-1945

T/Sgt.Donald Kiefer's Memorial And Tribute To The 21st Photo Recon Squadrron

A Memorial Site Dedicated To Robert Stumpf A Member Of The 1337th AAFBU At Sookerting,India

A Must See Site Of The Sino-American Aviation Heritage Foundation

CBI Units Order Of Battle~ Lineages And History

A Tribute To Maj.Eugene McGuire C.O.76th Fighter Sq. 23rd Fighter Group 1945

The Chinese~American 1st Provisional Tank Group~China~Burma~India~ Theatre

The Official Home Page Ot The China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC)

Home Page Of The 308th Bomb Group

Home Page Of The 341st Bomb Group

The 118th TAC Recon Squadron And The Earthquake McGoon Fighter Pilot Story

The Personal Web Site Of Bernie Gold~The 58th Fighter Sq.~33rd Fighter Grp.~10th Air Force~In Burma 1943~1945

World War 11 Campaigns The Defense Of China 1942-1945

Home Page Of The 10th Air Force

Web Site Of 69th Depot Repair Sq.~14th Air Force~CBI

History Of China Offensive Action From May5 to Sept.2,1945

Home Page Of The Combat Cargo Group "The Hump And Beyond"

A Great Site With Photos Of Original AVG Aces With Links To Other Sites.

A Tribute To Merrills Marauders Hosted By Sgt.Bob Passanisi A Member Of The Unit

The EX-CBI Round-Up Is Alive And Well Thanks To The Great Work On This Web Site By Gary Goldblatt

Carl Weidenburners Tribute To The Builders Of The Ledo Road Web Site

Carl Weidenburner'sTribute to His Dad Warren In The CBI Theartre

Bob Holtz Pictorial Tribute To His Dad R.C.Holtz C.B.I.Service

The Personal Page Of Wally Wipp A Medic With The 11th Bomb Squadron.

Doolittle's Tokyo Raiders Official Roster

Barry DeWalts Tribute To His Dad And The 22nd Bomb.Sq.~10th AF

The Saga Of The Yamamota Shoot Down

Home Page Of Mongell's Tribute To Flying Tigers & 11th Bomb Sq.

If You Are A B-25 Lover This Is Your Site."GREAT PICS"

AVG Flying Tigers Home Page With Rosters~Photos~Bio's~Forum And More

Annals Of Flying Tigers

Home Page Of The 7th Bomb Group Of The 10th Air Force

Pics By Robert Anderson ~ Some Of Our China Air Bases As They Look Today

A Tribute To Harry Hewitt~322nd TCS~LoPing,China

A Roster Of The Original Flying Tigers Of The AVG Under Gen. Chennault

Carl Warren Weidenbuner's Remembering China Burma India The Forgotten Theatre

Home Page Of The 444th Bomb Group And It's Role In The CBI Theatre

American Airlines Pilots & Their Role InThe CBI As ATC Hump Pilots

Neal Gardner's TributeTo His Dad's CBI Service

Memorial Page For Lt.Robert Upchurch~74th FS~23rdFG~Home At Last

WW 1 & WW II Links Page

Calcutta & More As Seen By The Camera Of Glenn Hensley Of The 40th PRS

Home Page Of The 27th Troop Carrier Squadron

Doug Rodenbaugh 308th Bomb Group Personal Page

A Tribute To Fred Hernandez~ 308thBG ~375thBS

Home Page Of The 40th Bomb Group Association

A Tribute To Tony DeFusco 11th Bomb Sq.

Warbirds Worldwide Home Page

Jack Stettner's Memories Of The Jing Bao

"The Vanguard" 76th Fighter Sq.Assoc.

A B-25 Site With Loads Of Pics And Info Including The Doolittle Raid,A SE China Walk-out and Many Links

Some Great Military Links Not Related To The CBI Theatre

Information On Obtaining Your Military Records

A "SLIDE SHOW" Visit To The Air Force Museum At Warner Robbins,Georgia

A "SLIDE SHOW" Visit To China

The Search For A Missing Veteran Of The CBI Theatre



Welcome To A Memorial To The Flying Tigers Of The 14th Air Force And To All Who Served In The China Burma India Theatre Of Operations During World War II. The Links On This Site Will Take You To Many Of The Units That Served In The CBI Theatre . Thanks For Visiting And Come Back Again.~~ELMER BUKEY


The man that led the AVG Flying Tigers and was in command of the 14th Air Force. He was the force that made everything work in the China Theatre in spite of logistics-weather-supply shortages and internal politics

This Is A Monument Dedicated To The Flying Tigers Of The 14th Air Force And Was Designed- Engineered-Funded And Built By The 14th Air Force Association And Members From Free China, Taiwan.It Is Located At The Air Force Museum In Dayton,Ohio And Was Dedicated In July Of 1992 By Officers And Members Of The 14th Air Force Association

This Is A Memorial Badge Issued By The Chinese Government In Taiwan As A Tribute To All That Served In China During It's Struggle Against The Japanese Invasion Of China In The Years 1942 Thru 1945.

This is a photo of the P-40 and Bronze Plaque dedicated to the AVG and the 14th AF at Vandenberg AFB in California.
 My thanks to Judy Porter, Air America Association, Inc.for this great photo.

This Is A Memorial Erected By The Chinese As A Tribute To All The Pilots And Crews That Flew Missions Over The Hump From India Into Kunming,China Bringing In Supplies-Gas Ammunition-Bombs And All The Other Essentials Needed To Support The Troops In China. This Memorial Is Located Just Outside Kunming,China.

This Is A Shot Of GPS24 A Global Positioning Sattelite The Last In A Series Of 24 That Was Launched From Cape Canaveral,Florida In 1994.It Had Shark's Teeth Painted On The Faring In Honor Of The 14th Air Force And As A Tribute To The Flying Tigers Of Gen.Claire Lee Chennault.This GPS Completed A Grid Of 24 That Gave Us World Wide Positioning Capabilities.
My Thanks To Al Love Of The 14th Air Force Assoc. For This Great Picture

This Is The Claire Lee Chennault Commanders Award Medallion.It Was Designed By Al Love Of The 14th Air Force Assoc. And Is Mounted On A 6"x8" Walnut Wood Plaque With An Engravable Plate Below The Medallion. This Will Be Awarded By The 14th Air Force Assoc. To Various Groups,Museums And Institutions As Needed.


As A Member Of The 14th Air Force Association I Want To Thank You For Visiting This Web Site

I am sorry but membership to the Association has been closed and as of May 24th,2007 the Association was dissolved due to old age among the membership.Father time has finally caught up with us.My sincere thanks to all officers past and present for their dedication to the 14th Air Force Association over these many years.

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