A Little Relaxation

This is some of the 396th guys playing volleyball in our hostel area at Kwelin,China.I cannot identify all of them but I do recognize "Doc" Savage...Joe Wiley...Caples and our 1st sgt. Ed Gardner.

The unique mountain formation seen in the background of this photo was located along side the runway at Kwelin, China and is still there to this day

A C-46 Making A Trip Over The Hump

This is a picture of the workhorse of the ATC a C-46 making a trip over the rugged Himalaya Mountains they called the Hump. As I stated before I do not think we could have operated In China without the service provided by this plane, it's pilots and ground crews.

A B-24 Tanker Hauling Gas Over The Hump

A vital part of the war effort in China was the job performed by the men and crews stationed in India that flew the B-24,s that were converted into gas hauling tankers.This planes bomb-bays had gas tanks installed and when they flew into China those tanks were pumped out and even gas from their wing tanks leaving only enough gas for the flight back to India. This picture shows one of these B-24's on a flight over the rugged hump,

396th Personel At Luliang China

Here is a picture of a great bunch of guys. I will name those that I can starting with the two guys in front and working up left to right.... Chuck Hawkins...Rizzo...Zabecki...Martinez...Krewitz...Bell..Weidenbrener...Bensinger...Kennedy...Wozniak...Larry Hawkins...Ondira...Tevald..Besson...Wander...Wiley...Kelley...Brantl...Anderson...Blaske.

Our Refueling System

Gas was flown in by 55 gallon drums and then transfered to the gas truck and from there to the planes. It was a miracle that we didn't have more problems than we did because as you can see there was no such thing as a filtering system.The system did work though.

Casey Vincent's "Silver Slipper"

This is a picture of General "Casey" Vincent's plane The Silver Slipper. The 396th prepared this plane for the General at Kwelin China. Sgt. Joe Cooper of the 396th was crew chief of the plane. The two guys in the picture are Taylor on the left and Cooper on the right. Taylor was the radio operator on the plane.

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