More Great 396th Guys

Jim Kruger(standing)Elliot Knecht(seated) and an unknown member of the 396th having their picture taken in the Orderly Room

No Place Like Home

This is the place we called home at Liangshan, China. The guys in the picture are Parker Fedeler...Ralph O'Connor...Art Rodrigeuz...Albert Ondira

The Adopted One

This Is A Group Of The 396th Guys Having Their Picture Taken With A Small Chinese Boy That We Adopted As A Mascot.

Another One Back In Action

This is another of the eight P-40's that were built from the salvage yard at Kwelin,China.The guys that are running an air speed indicator test are Art Rodriguez...Major Matthews...?...Joe Cooper. Joe was the crew chief on this project.

More Work For The Salvage Crews

Not All Missions Ended Up On A Positive Note. This B-25 Ended Up On The Side Of The Runway And Became More Work For Our Salvage Crews.

Tech Supply People

Here are two of the greatest tech supply people in the army. There was no such thing as "We can't get that for you". It might take a little time but if it was in China George Springer would find it for you. The guy on the left is Bob Lewis and on the right is George Springer.

Japanese Calllng Cards

Here are a couple of ordnance people with the 1836th Ordanance Company stock piling some presents for the Japanese that will be delivered by the bomber groups.

Engineering Area Liangshan China

This is where we went to work every morning in Liangshan China.These tents housed all our shop areas and tools. We performed a lot of work at this base mostly on P-51's and B-25's. We got along great until it rained and then we were working in a mud hole.

Roadside Drive In Services

This is Captain Kelley our group chaplain holding road side services for a group of G.I.'s during the evacuation of our base at Kwelin China.

Saturday Night Bath

Whenever the opportunity presented itself to be able to take a bath there was never any hesitation about jumping in and doing so. This picture shows a bunch of guys doing just that.

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