This is the 14th Air Force Memorial located at the United States Air Force Museum,Dayton,Ohio. This unit was designed, funded and built by the members of The 14th Air Force Association and friends from Free China,Taiwan.Dedication was held on July 10th,1992


This is a photo of the P-40 and Bronze Plaque dedicated to the AVG and the 14th AF at Vandenberg AFB in California.
 My thanks to Judy Porter, Air America Association, Inc.for this great photo.


This is the dedication ceromony at Dobbins Air Force Base, Marrieta,GA. about sixteen miles north of Atlanta,Ga. in September 1981 of a restored P-40 in memory of The Flying Tigers of Gen.Chennault and the AVG of China fame. At the time of this dedication ceromony the 14th Air Force was stationed at Dobbins AFB, Georgia but it is now stationed at Edwards AFB in California.A 14th Air Force Museum has been established here at Dobbins AFB and a lot of great donations of memorabilia to this museum have been received.


This Is A Memorial Built By The Chinese As A Tribute To All The Pilots And Crews That Flew Missions Over The Hump Bringing In Supplies-Gas Ammunition-Bombs And All The Other Essentials Needed To Support The Troops In China. This Memorial Is Located In Kunming,China.


Thought you might like to see what the guy that's responsible for this page looked liked back in 1944 in a picture taken in Calcutta,India.

The quality of some of the pictures on my web site leave a little bit to be desired but it should be remembered that they were taken over sixty seven years ago with cameras that are no longer in existance and by members of my outfit. The negatives were developed in a tent using a C1B generator for power,a box with a light bulb in it and using supplies pilfered from the photo labs. All in all I think they held up pretty well over the years.

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~1948 - 2007~

As a member of the 14th Air Force Association since 1978. I would like to thank you for visiting my web site and I hope you will return.

I am sorry but membership to the Association has been closed and as of May 24th,2007 the Association was dissolved due to old age among the membership.Father time has finally caught up with us.My sincere thanks to all officers past and present for their dedication to the 14th Air Force Association over these many years.

Hope you enjoyed your little visit to China and will come back to see me again as I will be adding more pics in the future

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