Refreshment Time Break

Wiley~Wozniak~Taurisano and Springer on a convoy to Kwelin,China.

For My Photo Album

Elmer Bukey poses for a photo in front of a P-51 at Liangshan,China.

Not The Best Weapon For Hunting

Elmer Bukey poses for a photo with some Chinese friends while out hunting with his Thompson sub machine gun at Liangshan,China.

Proud of Our Work On This Aircraft

Bukey and Miller pose for a photo in front of Casey Vincents B-25 The Silver Slipper at Kwelin ,China.

Heading South Away From Japs

This photo shows all the Chinese troops massed at Kwelin , China just prior to our evacuation of the base there

Always The Clown

This is Jose Martinez getting a ride from a couple Chinese in their sedan chair

These Guys Were Indispensable

This is Perez~Fedeler and Miller working our salvage yard at Kwelin, China.

Posing For The Camera

Elmer Bukey Liangshan,China in 1944

Looks Like Nick Is Trick Or Treating

From The looks Of The Crowd Nick Vasselo Has In Front Of His Tent He Must Be Giving Something Away

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