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Ginger as a psychiatrist in "The Kidnapper" and "Seer Gilligan"

Wiley (Don Rickles), a compulsive criminal who took a boat ride and reached the island when a storm blew him off-course, kidnaps a few castaways before the Skipper catches and exposes him. While locked up, he plays on the naivety of Ginger, who is confident that a movie role she once had as a psychiatrist who probed a criminal's mind could be put to use in this instance, and she proceeds to psychoanalyze him.

Ginger also assumes the role of a psychoanalyst in another episode, "Seer Gilligan", in which some strange sunflower seeds give Gilligan and the others the ability to read each others' minds. In this one, Ginger tries to probe Gilligan's mind to uncover the as-yet-undetermined cause of his sudden mind-reading ability.

Ginger as a beauty pageant contestant in "Beauty Is As Beauty Does"

The castaways, who have way too much time on their hands, decide to hold a beauty contest. With the Skipper favoring Ginger, the Professor backing Mary Ann and Mr. Howell committed to you-know-who, only Gilligan can act as an impartial judge. Naturally, everyone pulls out all the stops to bribe our hapless first mate into letting each contestant take the title of Miss Castaway.

The skullduggery culminates during the talent competition, as each act is sabotaged by the competition, including Ginger's head-turning performance of "Let Me Entertain You". Does she wind up the winner? If you've seen it, you know the answer. If you haven't, I won't spoil the ending for you.

Ginger as a magician in "It's Magic"

The castaways' jubilation over thinking they found a "raft" turns to disappointment when they find it's actually a crate of magician's props belonging to The Great Raftini. The Professor believes magic tricks will thwart future savage attacks, so Ginger (who was once a magician's assistant) teaches the others various tricks and gets Gilligan into her own act as a volunteer in the disappearing cabinet trick.

Sadly, the appealing presence of Ginger as a glamorous female magician is about all this episode has going for it. In an online poll asking fans to name their favorite episodes, this one came in dead last on the list of 98, and it's easy to see why. Gilligan's mess-ups with the magic tricks cause everyone to verbally abuse him to the point where he runs off and hides in a cave. As if that weren't enough, when they realize they've been mean to him they resort to scare tactics to get him back "home", where he ends up the victim of an explosion caused by flash powder unknowingly mixed into a cake with burning candles on top.

Ginger as a barber in "V For Vitamins"

Before the actual storyline gets underway--about a shortage of citrus fruits which the Professor warns will lead to a vitamin C deficiency and eventually do in the castaways--this episode opens with the Skipper getting a haircut from Ginger, who somehow volunteered to be his barber.

Ginger as a xylophone* player in "Music Hath Charm"

*Or is it a marimba?

Gilligan's impressive jungle drum playing inspires Mrs. Howell to form a symphony orchestra with each castaway playing a different instrument. Lovey is the conductor, Mr. Howell plays the triangle, the Skipper uses conch shells as a wind instrument, the Professor plays the flute and Mary Ann is on the musical saw. Unfortunately, Gilligan's drumming sends an inadvertant message to a tribe of savages who think they're under enemy attack and pay the castaways a little visit.

Ginger as an instructor in the art of love in "Erika Tiffany-Smith To The Rescue"

Erika Tiffany-Smith (Zsa Zsa Gabor), a beautiful and wealthy socialite who has come to the island with plans to make it into a resort for the rich, finds herself attracted to the Professor, and vice versa. Trouble is, while Erika's advances toward him are purely amorous, the Professor sees her mainly as a prospective partner in scientific pursuits, and he winds up batting zero in his attempts to win her over.

For once it is he who must seek the expertise of an experienced advisor, and the obvious choice is Ginger. She tries to teach him how to embrace Erika and kiss her passionately, but he still doesn't get it, so Ginger is more than willing to show him how it's done.

Ginger as a USO entertainer in "Forward March"

The castaways are under attack from someone throwing hand grenades at them, and they organize a military plan of action. Mr. Howell as Commanding General enlists Ginger as a one-woman USO show and, after Gilligan is "hospitalized" with a mere scratch, serenades him with a seductive rendition of "It Had To Be You".

Ginger as a pseudo-French chanteuse in "The Matchmaker"

Lovey misses the social season back home and tries to get Gilligan and Mary Ann to fall in love so the Skipper can marry them. Several misunderstandings ensue, culminating in a tiff between Thurston and Lovey who disagree on the details of the night they proposed to each other at a French restaurant.

The other castaways scheme to get them back together by recreating the restaurant and inviting the Howells as patrons, with entertainment provided by "Mademoiselle Ginger" who performs a one-of-a-kind rendition of "Alouette" and a hula dance.

Ginger as a surgical assistant in "A Nose By Any Other Name"

After Gilligan takes a nasty fall from a tall tree, he believes his nose is broken and insists the Professor operate on it. He obliges, and the others assist him including Ginger, who makes for a most glamorous surgeon's assistant, as the picture suggests.

A final observation...

As all regular viewers of Gilligan's Island know, many episodes give us a look at what the castaways dream about at night, particularly Gilligan (whose dreams are more like nightmares). We've also witnessed the dreams of the Howells, Mary Ann, the Skipper, even the Professor.

But what about Ginger? We never get to look into what she dreams about, not in any one of the 98 original episodes. So what would a Hollywood glamour girl like Ginger dream about in the swinging mid-'60s when concerns seemed fewer? Here's one possibility...

Or, if she dreams in black-and-white...

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