"Beehive" Pics!

Ever since I heard about this great retro-musical, I'd been to three or four performances in various locations. This and all other pictures here are from the second one I'd been to, in 1991 at the Howard Street Tavern in the Old Market area of downtown Omaha, Nebraska. It made the late news, as you will see below.

Carol Schrader: Before and After

Seated on the right in this 1991 shot of the KETV news set is one-time anchor Carol Schrader. The final story on this edition of the newscast concerned the live performance of "Beehive" I attended earlier that evening. Carol was there as well--see below.

A change of hair and costume, a little encouragement...and presto...she's part of the show! (She's the tall one in the middle).

Great show, ladies! Great show!

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