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WHAT'S THIS? It's a future link (not currently active) to a whole new world of beautiful bouffants from game shows of for it!

This is Geri Perlman, one of the first contestants on the 1967 game show "Everybody's Talking!"...and everybody should have been talking about her great hair!

Joanna Lumley's hair still looks absolutely fabulous in this scene from an episode of "Roseanne"

Meanwhile, back at Gilligan's Island, an attempt by the hypnotic Ginger to make a potential rescue recruit (John McGiver) fall under her magic spell proves futile

Speaking of which, these three hypnotic-looking, Photoshop-enhanced bouffants appear courtesy of a fellow updo fan--thanks!

An episode of "V.I.P." dealing with shady doings at a beauty pageant was big on big hair--the most beautiful example being this crowning glory atop star Pamela Anderson (love the boa!)

Screen and singing superstar Jennifer Lopez made David Letterman's "Late Show" worth staying up for

Big chin meets big hair: "Tonight"s Jay Leno chats with an enchanting Lara Flynn Boyle

The Fall of 1965: Montgomery Ward was still in business, and models for their catalog looked like this

This "Newlywed Game" contestant had more on her head than in it (asked what foreign country her husband's car came from, she answered, "Texas.")

Kate Beckinsale and Nicolas Cage were presenters at the 2002 MTV Movie Awards. Kinda says something when you're more likely to see a 'do like Kate's here than at the Oscars...

Speaking of movies, here is Traci Lords, who took her film career in a more mainstream direction, then took her hair in an upward direction for this interview with Craig Kilborn

"Take out your rollers
And spray the Aqua Net right...on that old beehive
'Cause Andy Williams
Is doin' his Christmas show for 1965 now--
And you need a great big bouffant, right this very minute..."

I hope this beautiful birthday girl gets her wish--I got mine

Carter Nash hasn't yet found out that this lovely lady is part of an all-female criminal gang...but then, she doesn't know that Carter is that (almost) fearless crimefighter, Captain Nice

Here are two stars of the musical "Hairspray". The one on the right has a classicly magical bouffant, but her friend looks as if she'd better get her head out from under that huge hornet's nest!

"Very Saks Fifth Avenue" read the caption originally accompanying this picture from a magazine ad. Presumably, her visit to Saks included a stop at their hair salon

Tonight? How about wearing your hair like this every night!


The woman in the above photo was, at the time, working at a drive-in restaurant in K.C. and was the subject of a story broadcast by 41 Action News a few years ago. The only way I could get a picture of her in that great hairdo was by using the camera on a cellphone I used then, aimed at the PC screen on which I watched the video, but now the phone is too dated to be able to transfer the pic to my Mac computer. The only way I could get this blurry image on this page was to take a shot of it displayed on my old phone, with the phone camera I use now. In the event that anyone in or out of the K.C. area reading this--including the woman herself--has video footage or a better picture of this image, please click on the DJE logo below and e-mail me about getting video or a decent pic to me. Thank you.


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