Beauty and the Bouffant--Page 6

Herb Alpert is to be guest of honor at a music awards ceremony, but the real prize is his glamorous wife, Sharon

Even in My Name Is Earl's Camden County, the women get glammed up for a special event: just check out his ex-wife Joy

The movie "The Agony And The Ecstacy" gives us a look at two legendary works of art: the Sistine Chapel and this amazing hairstyle

"Hi Gilligan--want to go for a swim in my lagoon?"

"What??? You spent our food and rent money on a fancy hairdo? One of these days, Alice, one of these days...POW, right in the kisser!"


I dream of Jeannie...looking like this:

(Both pics courtesy of Peter Alles)

"Oh, whatever shall I wear for my master when he comes home from his latest space mission? The silver sequined gown I saw in Paris this morning? Or perhaps the red silk gown with the long train I saw that model wearing in the fashion magazine? Decisions...decisions..."

And the award for best hair on the 1968 Emmy broadcast goes to...Barbara Eden!

Ellen DeGeneres meets Marie Antoinette

As the year 1962 is rung in during the film "Hey, Let's Twist", one lovely Twister gives everyone a preview of the shape of hair to come

Marjorie Lord, co-starring with Bob Hope and Elke Sommer in "Boy, Did I Get A Wrong Number!" (remember Elke in that fabulous bubble bath on Page One?) attends the film's premiere. But where is Ms. Sommer?

Here she is, posing with a life-size cutout of herself at a USO gathering, and adding her autograph to it for the boys as well

Holy Hair-raisers! Is Batman bewitched by the bouffant on the beauty before him?

Holy Hair-raisers, Part Two! What will Batman's nemesis, The Catwoman, do to this elegantly-coifed queen?

After Annette Funicello hung up her mouse ears, people started noticing parts of her were getting bigger...but here I'll just point out the hair

Sherry Alberoni, another ex-Mouseketeer, later traded her ears for a very different crowning glory that befit her status as a 1966 Deb Star

Liz, you never looked lovelier. So why is Dick looking the other way?

Here is a lovely closeup shot of Debbie Reynolds during a mid-'60s Academy Awards interview

Several years before she turned the world on with her smile, Mary Tyler Moore turned heads with this hairdo

As long as Agent 86 Maxwell Smart is teamed up with Agent 99, his attention surely couldn't be diverted to even the sultriest femme fatale working for KAOS

Would you believe two KAOS agents?

How about two KAOS agents and a cocktail waitress?


Even "My Favorite Martian"s Tim O' Hara gets in on the spy act, joined by Agent #004 (a/k/a Kitty), played by Suzanne Cramer

Of all the members of the singing King Family, sisters Yvonne, Alyce, Luise and Marilyn (l-r) would seem to have had the most appeal to any guys watching their old TV show

Chris Clark was another '60s songstress whose vocalizing was as classy as she looks here, and she was certainly one of Motown's more unlikely recording artists

Cannibal and the Headhunters perform a musical number on "Hullabaloo", behind a girl with a head worth hunting

Decades before cell phones, Dean Martin as superspy Matt Helm is hampered by a very different kind of driving distraction in this scene from "The Silencers"

Maria Eugenia San Martin's hair was just about the only thing in the 1961 movie "Women Wrestlers Vs. The Aztec Mummy" that turned out beautifully

No, this isn't Brad's secret crush--it's flamboyant jet-setter Cognac Wellerlane making a cameo apperance on "The Maury Show"

After finding the previous picture was posted here, Cognac was lovely enough to contribute these four additional photos. Thanks Cognac!

This woman, however, was one of the genuine articles from the same show

Lynn Loring gets her hair styled glamorously for her 1967 wedding to Roy Thinnes, star of TVs "The Invaders"

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