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Nancy Sinatra performs a duet with Dean Martin in a segment of her acclaimed TV special, "Movin' With Nancy"

Dino was also Matt Helm on the big screen; here's one of his many female companions from one of the films

If anyone ever told me I'd eventually be putting a picture of Roseanne on this site, I'd have thought they were full of...loose meat sandwiches

Does a wig like this look better on "Veronica's Closet" star Kirstie Alley? You decide...

Or how about this wig on this...oh come on, Johnson, you're really pushing it now...

From "The Odd Couple" (the 1968 movie): Felix Unger tries to forget his problems with a nightclub visit, where he gets an eyeful of this go-go dancer

Jenny McCarthy, once a familiar face on MTV, later took the plunge into marriage and got her hair done for the occasion

Likewise, Ryan Haddon exchanged wedding vows with actor Christian Slater

This discotheque waitress just got involved in a little Monkee business with Micky Dolenz

Meanwhile, another Monkee--Peter Tork--finds himself jilted by a fickle femme fatale, played entrancingly by Julie Newmar

Miss Venezuela was the breathtaking runner-up in the 49th Annual Miss Universe Pageant

Gilligan's not on the island, so it's got to be a dream--and there's no doubt Dawn Wells inspired a lot of dreams looking as she does here

Phil Silvers seems glad to see these three lovely ladies in this pose for a 1967 magazine ad

The Go-Go's went-went all out re-creating a party at an elegant mansion in the 1960s for their "Turn To You" music video

These are just two of the many retro hairdos which turn up in the video

The Hollywood premiere of "Battle of the Bulge" brought out two lovelies: Barbara Werle, who had a role in the film...

...and Sean Connery's wife, at least I assume

A full-blown hairdo from the movie "Blow-Up"

"Who's Minding The Mint?" I couldn't say...but Dorothy Provine looks like a million

(Courtesy of Peter Alles)

Here's someone else who looks appropriately like a million: Henny Backus, with her famous husband Jim

At a celebrity roast for Dean Martin, Debbie Reynolds' hair is certainly well-done

"It's A Bikini World"--and a bouffanted one as well--for lovely Deborah Walley who rode out the wave of beach party movies in 1967 high fashion

"Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee. Retro-glamour's what you see."

Liberace lounges with a lovely lady

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