Beauty and the Bouffant--Page 4

First, a little quiz: Who is she?

The actress beneath this big, bewitching bouffant is featured in a couple of shots back at the original site. Know who it is? If not, you'll find the answer at the bottom of this page

(Courtesy of Peter Alles)

Connie Stevens and Robert Conrad spend a "Palm Springs Weekend" together

(Courtesy of Peter Alles)

Here is the former Mrs. Andy Williams, Claudine Longet, in vintage elegance

I have no idea who this woman is, but her hair is wonderful (Courtesy of Peter Alles)

And now, another spectacular-looking spouse of another beloved past NBC star, Lynn Landon with husband Michael seated at her side

This magical enchantress is former model Anne DeZahgeb, who was at the same gathering as Lynn Landon who can also be seen at left here (Special thanks to a kind Californian who clued me in on the names of this and three other ladies I couldn't identify, pictured on this site)

Elaine Joyce, in her role as Alexandra on the short-lived "Mr. Merlin" TV series, proves that she too has a way of weaving a magic spell over others

Even without the flocking gun, this woman could add sparkling beauty to the Christmas tree just by standing next to it

Lana Wood gets some assistance with her fur wrap at a fashion gala

Also on hand is Pamela Curran, modeling a jaguar coat

In another magic moment from "I Dream Of Jeannie", she shares a romantic dinner with Major Nelson

In a testimonial to the holding power of hair spray, an unnamed celebrity dances The Jerk at a Hollywood party

Meanwhile, at a more colorful locale, we find this gorgeous go-go girl dancing the night away

This especially dreamy bouffant belongs (I think) to Madlyn Rhue, in attendance at a night club opening

Inger Stevens was also on hand at the event

Elke Sommer was present at the premiere of her 1966 film, "The Oscar", and later danced at a party with a lucky guy

Also attending the premiere of "The Oscar": this unidentified beauty

Julie Payne attends the Hollywood premiere of "In Harm's Way"

A seaman on shore leave takes notice of a beautiful girl in a musical production number from "The Jackie Gleason Show". How sweet it is!

This is Sue Oliver, attending a Hollywood party

Yes, Brigitte Bardot sings--and looks beautiful on the cover of her record album as well. The same goes for the picture on the right--thanks, Alda!

Speaking of singer-actresses, let's drink a toast of Dr. Pepper to everyone's favorite beach bunny, Donna Loren

Here is a more recently famous singer, the lead vocalist of Dee-Lite, whose hair is a dee-lite as well

(Courtesy of Mike Low)

Answer: it's Ann-Margret

A-M is the actress with her head turned away at the top of the page. This and the other shot are part of a behind-the-scenes look at the "stripper" sequence in "The Swinger"

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