Beauty and the Bouffant--Page 3

Billy Wilder's big-screen comedy "One, Two, Three" made extensive use of the Coca-Cola trademark, the instrumental piece "Sabre Dance", James Cagney's talent for playing easily-angered lead characters...and this gorgeous 'do atop co-star Pamela Tiffin

Nia Vardalos shows off her big, fat, Greek hairdo as she promotes her film, "Connie and Carla"

Here is a perfect example of how to turn something merely good into something truly great

Regardless of your overall opinion of Paris Hilton, you have to admit her hair looks truly glam here

This vintage film character looks like she might be a hell-raiser...but her hairdo is pure heaven

This pair of magical dream 'dos were respectfully borrowed from Hair Archives

This diamond-studded 'do (check out the second shot from the back) is an acclaimed favorite of one of the Yahoo! hair groups

"My dear, would you prefer skim milk, 1 percent or Aqua Net with your Rice Krispies?"

This vintage Vogue Magazine cover spotlights a style which, at the time, was in vogue

This illustration from an ad for a women's product was likely found inside the same magazine

This little girl's gone to the salon--it's exhuberant singer Glenda Collins

And speaking of famous entertainers with that last name...

Miss Pat Collins, the Hip Hypnotist, was undeniably the most "entrancing" one to regularly do stage shows

That's the back of Lucille Ball's head; she's eyeing the fur worn by a bewitching model. Obviously this is from post-Ricky days...

Mirror, mirror on the wall...who wears the most enchanting hairstyle of all?

"Hello Cynthia darling--it's me! Yes, I'm checked in here at Caesar's...this luxury suite is absolute heaven! Well, they've got Dean Martin and Joey Bishop appearing here tonight...yes, I'm gonna go see their show. And I bought the most gorgeous bugle-beaded red gown just for the occasion!"

We're looking, Linda, we're looking!

Viva Vivi Bach!

If you were Anita Gillette, wouldn't you rather be remembered by TV viewers for this guest appearance on "What's My Line?" than for a short-lived sitcom seven years later in which you had to play third banana to a chimp?

The Password this round is something I bet Monique Van Voorhen's partner would love for them both to be standing under so he'd have an excuse to plant a long, passionate kiss on her!

Will the real Miss Universe of 1966 please stand up?

Aha! I THOUGHT it was Number One!

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