Beauty and the Bouffant--Page 2

Here's Joanna Lumley, looking absolutely fabulous

Here's Jayne Mansfield again, this time as the Mystery Guest on "What's My Line?", trying to stump the blindfolded panel. And speaking of game show panelists...

Will the real Phyllis Newman please stand up? After "To Tell The Truth" folded in 1968, she cut an LP called "Those Were The Days"; this photo is from the back cover

The box cover of E.S. Lowe's Pazaz game, released in 1978, depicts this retro-haired beauty engaged in a game with some friends

Exercise maven Debbie Drake--shown here with Dick Cavett--garnered a huge male following on her old series when she wore a leotard. History repeats itself with this hairdo

And now for something completely different: Carol Cleveland, the most beautiful member of Monty Python's Flying Circus

The 1997 TV sitcom "Head Over Heels" did nothing to help the defunct UPN network's ratings, but at least co-star Cindy Ambuehl looked great in the opening credits

Just for the record, Cindy played an employee of a dating service, not a mermaid.

The HBO movie "Sugartime" captured the dreamy look and sound of the McGuire Sisters in their early '60s heyday, but check out the woman in the foreground sitting down to enjoy the show

Over the film's opening credits, directly above "Roemer", we see another lovely lady looking to get "lucky"

Here's billowy, beautiful Elke Sommer again, out of the tub and into the spotlight at the 1966 Academy Awards

A magical evening with Elke in mid-'60s Hollywood...

She's joined at this gala event by Joanne Woodward

From the Oscars, we now head over to a vintage Golden Globes award show, spotlighting singer-actress Abbe Lane

Napoleon Solo is too busy confronting THRUSH to be intrigued by the presence of guest star Joyce Jameson, but give him time...

Stunning, absolutely stunning...and the dress isn't bad, either

Here's singer Celine Dion, made up to match the trappings of her wedding--very exotic

k.d. lang glams up to perform her hit song, "Miss Chatelane"

The show is "Later Today", but the hairstyle suggests a touch of yesterday

Fran Drescher's "Nanny" is no ninny--she knows just what kind of self-preparation is called for when attending a Barbra Streisand performance

As she said when she was handed the Oscar, "Hello gorgeous!"

The multihued "Miss Understood" drops in on Tempestt Bledsoe's talk show

Okay, so this obviously isn't a woman. I included these pics simply because "she" was simply too eye-catching to overlook.