It has come to my attention, from someone who spoke to the people at Pierre Cossette Productions, that the best way to go about encouraging them to release the Sha Na Na TV variety show on DVD is to write and request it.

Now, in this day and age of e-mail, most people communicate that way whenever they can. It's quick, easy and gets the message across instantly. But from what I've always heard about these types of campaigns (saving a show from cancellation, etc.) that it's REGULAR MAIL that catches the attention of the people in charge. Anyone can send off an e-mail in less than a minute, but when someone takes the time to actually write a real letter and send it in the mail, it gets noticed.

Let's all try to get our favorite guys on DVD! There are no guarantees, of course, but if we all take a few minutes of our time and send a letter, they'll at least see that there is indeed a market for this show.

Please make your letters brief, professional and polite. Mention how long you've been a fan of the group, and how fondly you remember the show and would love to see it again. Don't be rude or demanding, or sound like a gushing fanboy/fangirl :)

Yes, we're fans, and proud of it, but to them, the bottom line is business, and if they think they can profit from releasing the show, they will, and if not, they won't. So treat it like a business proposition. Tell them that you'll definitely be first in line to buy the DVDs when they come out, and how you also know many other people out there who are wanting this too. Perhaps mention how SNN is still together and performing fter all these years, still seen by millions in "Grease," and still has a strong, loyal fanbase.

Here's the contact address to write to. Don't forget to sign your letter and include your own return address.

Pierre Cossette Productions
ATTN: Maurice
8899 Beverly Blvd., Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90048