* His gorgeous tenor voice - such a gift he has

* His unmistakable, killer falsetto

* That beautiful, angelic face *sigh*!

* That lovely halo of dark curly hair!

* Those deep, soulful, seductive brown eyes - oh, to be that lucky camera during those romantic ballads :)

* His sweet, soft speaking voice

* That smile!

* How well he moves - what an amazing, graceful, and HOT dancer he is! It's funny how easy it usually is to pick him out from the rest of the guys even when they're in costume for a skit, just from his beautiful posture and the effortless feline elegance of his movement

* His terrific sense of humor

* The way he plays so well to the audience and to the cameras. The irrefutable fact is, he is absolutely a great big HAM...in the most delightful sense of the word! Johnny is a born showman, a throwback to the old song-and-dance man, and he puts that extra flair into everything he does, whether portraying every ounce of emotion of a song, the graceful sweep of a hand or the effortless precision of his Spanish turn (or that twisting!!!!!) during a dance sequence, the way he delivers a punch line with the confidence and timing of a pro, fearlessly throwing himself completely into the drag numbers, or always staying in character with his gestures and facial expressions, even when he's in the background of a scene. He strives more than anything to please his audience, and he accomplishes that goal every time!

* Haven't quite decided whether this is something I love or hate *grin* but it's deliciously, maddeningly infuriating when, after two-and-a-half minutes of intense, relentless vocal and visual seduction during one of his ballads, he gives the camera this wide-eyed, innocent look as he takes his bow, like "What? Little ol' me? I didn't do anything!" Uh huh... :)

* When his sweet macho Italian side comes out - I love that attitude!


"Come Back To Sorrento"
Johnny steps onto the stage during a comedy sketch to audition for a show. He clears his throat and acts nervous... then opens his mouth and sings a few lines of this glorious aria in Italian. It nearly brought me to tears the first time I heard it, and still gives me chills. "Ma non mi fuggir, non dar mi piu tormento, torna a Sorrento non farmi morir..." *sigh* I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I'm telling you, the man can SING!!!

"Small World"
Johnny just melted my heart with this Johnny Mathis tune - such a sweet, lovely song. "Small, and funny, and fine" indeed...

Johnny takes the heartbreaking Roy Orbison classic and makes it his own. A perfect marriage of song and singer.

"Hey Paula"
Charming duet with Pamela Myers, so sweet and romantic.

"Jukebox Saturday Night"
A swing-era standard gets the fifties rock'n roll treatment in this irresistible update. "Sippin' a soda we've got a scheme..."

"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"
Beautiful, haunting rendition of the all-time romantic classic.

"Remember Then"
Fun number about a lovelorn fellow remembering his lost love. A great showcase for Johnny's soaring falsetto.

"I'm In The Mood For Love"
Absolutely gorgeous, completely seductive, and utterly romantic...

"Love Me Tender"
Beautiful rendition of the Elvis classic. Plus it's so sweet when he sings to the little girl, and then the lady, who gets a kiss on the cheek as a bonus! *sigh*

"Unchained Melody"
His lead falsetto on this fun, sped-up version of the beloved tune absolutely rocks. And the choreography... oh my!

Again, that falsetto is incredible.

"Pretty Little Angel Eyes"
Again with the great falsetto, plus the choreography cracks me up... "ha ha ha ha" : )

"Since I Fell For You"
The bluesey, seductive love-gone-wrong classic, delivered with sincereity and passion. A gorgeous, devastating number.

"The Three Bells"
The gospel number is beautifully sung, and Johnny's "innocent" angelic look as he 'bangs' the others on the head is hilarious!

"Go Back Where You Came From" (Bowzer)
His background falsetto is great, and his dancing is - wow!

"Let The Good Times Roll"
His sweet, sultry, sexy come-on is irresistible *swoon* : )

"The Twelfth of Never"
A longtime tradition in the Sha Na Na live shows, he brings a lucky little girl up on stage to sit beside him as he croons this Johnny Mathis classic to her. When he gives her a sweet little kiss afterwards and mouths "Wow!," awwwww...

"Carmen" parody
He's adorable and hilarious as the cocky Don Jose. What an irresistible prosciutto - Italian ham - he is!

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" comedy sketch
Johnny's flawless falsetto takes the lead in this hilarious skit based on the classic song. Watch out for native cannibals, unsuspecting tourists, bubbling cauldrons...and even hotter crooners lurking in the jungle. So who wants to be rescued?! :)

"Let's Twist Again" (guest Chubby Checker)
All I can say is... his twisting is HOT, baby! Eternal thanks to the cameraman...and the rewind button! :)

"Dancing in the Street" (guests Martha and the Vandellas)
Again, his dancing in this number is amazing! And check out that smokin' look he shoots the camera as he dances away...

"The Birds and the Bees" comedy sketch (Jocko)
Pam gets smooched on by him during the whole song - lucky girl - and he's hilarious as Prince Charming bickering with Cinderella (June Gable). Did Pam have the greatest job in the world or what?

"Istanbul" comedy sketch
Absolute FUN! "Take me back to Constantinople, no I can't go back to Constantinople, now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople. Why did Constantinople get the works? That's nobody's business but the Turks." Besides, Johnny looks goooooood in that pinstripe suit and hat! : ).

"Letter From Camp (Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah)" comedy sketch
Johnny's simply adorable singing in a high-pitched voice like a little boy, begging to come home - and his 'guilty with an explanation' defense is too funny!

"Teen Angel"
Johnny totally sells this tearjerker, from his heartbreaking gaze heavenward, to the cry in his voice as he drops to his knees. Kills me every time...

With Guest Star Billy Crystal
They acknowledged the eerily uncanny resemblance between Johnny and Billy when the comedian, in the show's running gag about reluctant guest stars, refuses to do his routine. Johnny goes up to his "twin," slips his arm around him and says "Hey, Crystal, if youse are going to continue lookin' like me...be funny!" :)

"Where or When"
Absolutely gorgeous harmonies, courtesy of Johnny, Bowzer, Donny and Chico. His voice has rarely been more achingly beautiful.

Uncle Miltie teaches Johnny how to tell a joke
Johnny adorably loses his "cool" facade for a moment as he cracks up during this hilarious sketch with Milton Berle, but quickly regains his composure to deliver a killer punch line.

"Summertime, Summertime"
Johnny, Santini, Bowzer and Donny sing this fun song in perfect harmony - and more of that great falsetto.

"In The Still of the Night"
Fantastic, heartfelt rendition of the classic love song, pouring himself into every line...and into that gold lame *grin*