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"I did 400 performances of Hair in Boston, and I was about to go on the road with the show. I knew a guy in Sha Na Na; his mother was a French teacher at our high school. She told him that I was ending the gig with Hair. She asked if I would like to audition to take the place of the guy who sang all the tearjerker songs like Tell Laura I Love Her. So I auditioned for them and got into the group, and I've been with them for seven years. And that's my life story."

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"I discovered I could sing when I was six years old. I sang in church for a couple of years. I got my first gig in a lounge when I was twelve. I played anywhere I could, just to get the experience with the microphone."

"I think television is the most tiring thing I've ever done. It's more tiring than playing on the road. It's more tiring than anything...We rehearse all day, shoot the show at night, then go into the studio to record. Still we think it's worth it. After all, we play for more people on one television show than we've played to in all our concerts put together"

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All quotes from Rock Stars by Steve Ditlea (Scholastic 1979)

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A great big gold-lame hug and thank you (with a Spanish Turn thrown in for good measure) to everyone at the Yahoo Sha Na Na club. Extra-special thanks go out to Kate for starting it all with the videotaped eps, to Ann Marie for the wonderful music tapes, and to my awesome sisters in addiction, Casey, Tracy and Linda! (We don't suffer from Contardoholism, we enjoy every minute of it!) Thanks for the pix, the scans, the encouragement, and especially the friendship.

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