Here's where youse can find the most current updates to the Johnny Zone as well as any important news. Check back regularly to see what's new here in the land of gold lame and Spanish turns! : )

DECEMBER 23, 2016
Wishing Johnny a very happy 65th birthday!!!

NOVEMBER 2, 2015
Check out Bobby's Backstage Pass , a photographer's truly fantastic shots of Johnny and Sha Na Na, for sale in various sizes of prints. Check out these awesome pics and order a few - he's got some totally yummy shots of Johnny! :)!

JULY 24, 2015
Johnny has a new, very special treat for his fans! He has a new CD entitled Poetry and Passion, fifteen lovely, heartfelt poems written by Lisa DiRosso and read by Johnny himself! His readings are just as stirring and passionate as his music, and it will leave you entranced. Order your copy here.

JULY 2, 2015
Been a while since I've updated, so here are a few quick tidbits for you.

Guitarist Joe Jammer, who played with many classic rock bands, assembled a group of musicians back in the 70s to record an album...with JOHNNY as vocalist! For decades it sat shelved for various legal reasons, until a few months ago when it was finally released - it's called Headway, and you can find it on Amazon. It's 70s funk-rock, and Johnnys vocals are fantastic!!!

Sadly, it looks as if Dreambook has closed down, so all of the lovely comments have vanished. Thanks to everyone over the years who took the time to post such kind words about my humble little fan site! They may not be there anymore, but they truly meant the world to me.

The web address for Johnny's official site now redirects to his Vocal Power site for his vocal lessons. You can still purchase his CDs there but the focus is on the classes and not as a general fan info site right now. He's on Facebook so you can get info about Johnny there (and here too, of course!)

MAY 26, 2011
After my webhost 250free went down, I lost my pages, but thankfully they brought the site back up long enough for their customers to retrieve their pages, and am back up and running at WebbyWarehouse! Please also note that since a professional web designer is running Johnny's official site now, I will resume adding updates here on my own Johnny Zone site! Thanks!

JUNE 1, 2007
Since I'm putting updates on Johnny's official site, from this point on, go to the official site's news page to find out all the news!

NOVEMBER 9. 2006
Wow! What an exciting weekend we all had at Johnny's meet-and-greet event in Long Island! About 40 of Johnny's most loyal fans came from all over the country to see him perform and meet him. Read my journal from our fabulous weekend. Webmistress does a Spanish turn of utter bliss at finally meeting the man himself! :)

JULY 24, 2006
It's a Contardoholics convention! :) Johnny is planning a very special meet-and-greet party this fall in Long Island, click here for details, and check back often for updates on this exciting event!

APRIL 2006
Johnny has an official site! Check it out at

MARCH 28, 2006
Billy Crystal was on Jay Leno, telling an old story about how a woman mistook him for Johnny, and they showed pictures of Johnny and Billy!

MARCH 26, 2006
Johnny CDs no longer available as of now. If this changes, I will keep you posted here. :)

JANUARY 22, 2006
Another new Johnny fanfic, "Only Your Heart" is up!

NOVEMBER 5, 2005
New Johnny fanfic, "Summer Nights" posted.

JULY 18, 2005
It's official! Johnny will be performing during the October 14-16 Sorrento Cheese Italian Festival in Jupiter, FL.

DECEMBER 13, 2004
New Christmas CD just released - order now for the holidays!

AUGUST 29, 2004
"Changeover" now available on CD too!

JULY 6, 2004
New interview with Johnny about his life, his career, and the new "Ballads" CD - enjoy!!

JUNE 9, 2004
"Ballads" CD re-release - order yours today! Christmas CD coming soon too!!!

JUNE 5, 2004
WOW!!! Click here for details of a new Johnny CD project! Stay tuned for further details!

MAY 16, 2003
Lots of delicious new '80s Johnny concert pix on Page 5 and Page 6 of the Photo Gallery, courtesy of Linda, and a lovely candid shot that Tina sent me - thanks to both of you, and to Casey for the scans!

JANUARY 21, 2003
Johnny Zone webmistress does a Spanish Turn of joy after receiving a belated Christmas gift from a friend and fellow Contardoholic - an original copy of "Ballads For Lovers!" Whoo hoo!: )

JANUARY 11, 2003
Added several great candid/concert photos to page 4 of the photo gallery. Thanks to Tandy for the pix, and Casey for formatting them!

JANUARY 1, 2003

Another great interview with Johnny's mom added to Johnny Articles page.

DECEMBER 23, 2002
May this new year be the best one ever!

DECEMBER 4, 2002
Typed up the text of two articles about Johnny from early '80's teen fan magazines.

NOVEMBER 18, 2002
More quotes added to Johnny Quotes page.

Also, several additions to the Things I Love About Johnny page.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2002

New Dream Date fanfic added. Also, put all the fanfics on a separate fanfic page.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2002
Added more beautiful Johnny pix on a third page of the photo album. Thanks go out again Casey and Lisa!

Put all the Johnny Zone photos on the photo gallery page in clickable thumbnails. Also updated Johnny fact sheet.

AUGUST 29, 2002
Several lovely new photos added to site - thanks Lisa and Casey!!

JULY 7, 2002
Milton Berle/Johnny sketch added to Johnny quotes page.

JULY 4, 2002
New photo page added.

JUNE 26, 2002
New "fan meets Johnny" story added - thanks, Lisa!

JUNE 24, 2002
"Dear Johnny" page added - leave a message for the man himself!