RAOK Blue Ghost

For a moment, thought you weren't coming in.

Did we scare you? NO!!!

Well then.....what are you waiting for.

Come on in!


Halloween Ghosts

by Brian Skinner

Here, there, everywhere,
The ghost flies about.
It's gleeful, mischievious, free of care,
It almost wants to shout!

Tonight is the night,
It comes but once a year.
The night to boo and fright,
The children who walk by here.


For, while the children boast,
And eat their candy sweet.
There's nothing sweeter to a ghost,
Then to scare someone they meet!

For remember this rhyme,
As you go running in flight.
It's not the kid's, nor the pumpkin's time,
Halloween is the ghost's night!

Happy Halloween

Check out this ghost. Seems friendly enough, don't you think?


Always gives me shivers up and down my spine just thinking what would happen if the ghost accidentally dropped her eyes. Remember my warning to watch out where you step. Squish!

Granny Nan

TeeHeeHee. If we didn't scare you away, come follow me, Granny Nan, for a "spook-tacular" tour through the Oaks.

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