A Star Is Born

It's A Girl!

~ Devine Marie ~

Born:  January 3, 2007

Weight:  8 lbs   Length:  19 inches

Congratulations Brandy!

A New Thought Of God

As you gaze into a babies eyes
You see endless possibilities.
The thoughts of president or ballet dancer
Are as endless as the seas.

As you watch a baby sleep
So new and full of life.
You dream of them growing up
And taking a husband or wife.

As you gently rock a baby
You look with care and love.
For this gift of possibilities
You thank God and heaven above.

by Katherine M. Parisse
Copyright 2004
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Please visit Devine's other pages while you are here. Lots more photos of her and some of her family, too.

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Drop in to let Devine's mother and grandma know you were here. Both enjoy showing her off. :-)

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