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December 26th

What's it like to have one's birthday fall on the day after Christmas?

As a child this meant no birthday parties at school because of Christmas vacation. Quite frankly, I never missed the teasing from other classmates or the resulting spanking on one's butt. This also meant no traditional parties at home because many of my friends were away visiting relatives for the holiday.

This did mean celebrating with a handful of friends in a very special way and finding presents still underneath the tree after opening our gifts on Christmas Eve. As a teenager this often meant receiving super gifts as a combination Christmas/Birthday gift that I may not have received otherwise and usually some cash along with the super gift. I was always well prepared for those after Christmas sales.

As an adult this meant looking forward to a night out on the town after the big Christmas Day and avoiding those after Christmas blues that so many feel. This usually included a fantastic meal at one of my favorite restaurants and perhaps a movie show or some type of special entertainment. After stuffing ourselves with so many Christmas goodies over the holiday, it was easy to persuade others to swap the birthday cake for a delicious cheesecake and great bottle of wine or something bubbily. :-)

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Did I ever feel cheated? Absolutely not! Christmas time is the most celebrated, festive time of the year. Having one's birthday fall the day after Christmas only continues the celebration and festivities over to the following day. I don't ever recall having to remind family or friends about my birthday. It happens to fall on a day that is not easily forgotten. ~Granny Nan


Happy Birthday

Cyber Sister Fay

My Cyber Sis Fay says she never felt cheated either by having her birthday fall on December 26th. As a child Fay always had a birthday party on the day of her birthdate. As a teenager she always went out with her boyfriend (who ended up to be her husband). On her 16th birthday she and her boyfriend (hubby-to-be) went to see the first showing of Gone With the Wind, then returned home to find a surprise party.

As an adult with growing children, Fay's oldest daughter would babysit while she and her husband celebrated the day together. The celebration may have included a wonderful dinner at a fine restaurant off the beach and a long ride along the coast. Fay says now that her wonderful husband is gone, her children never let her spend her birthday alone. She loves her birthdate.


Happy Birthday

Cyber Sis Frances

Frances says she never felt cheated either. She was suppose to be born on Christmas Day, but instead was born December 21st. She got to come home on Christmas Day in a red stocking and blanket made by the nurses. When Frances got big enough to go with her dad, they'd go buy a real Christmas tree on her birthday and put it up so that was part of her birthday, too. Her family still does that today. Her hubby and daughter put it up for her every year. The tree has special meaning each time it blinks and flashes.

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