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startwinklesmall.gifHard Way Back. A true story of dad's journey being a POW of WWII of the Japanese for 42 months.

startwinklesmall.gif Alzheimers Disease. My Dad was a victim of this.

startwinklesmall.gif A brave Pioneer woman, My G-G-G-G-G Grand Aunt,(Jenny Wiley) A True Saga of Heroic Survival and Escape from the Indians. Read the story, and see the trail she took.Click on Jenny Wiley Saga

startwinklesmall.gif Oetzi the Iceman whose frozen body was discovered in the Alps in 1991. Estimated at 5000 years old, and he is my 500th generation , 250 removed cousin. My journey and what I know.

startwinklesmall.gifMy New England Trip. I am adding more about my 2007 trip as time allows.Click on "My New England Trip to read all about it.

startwinklesmall.gifMy lineage of "James Crowe" born in Scotland, immigrated to Ireland. and his family to Nova Scotia and USA. Visit my link,Genealogy Crowe

startwinklesmall.gifWant to see some beautiful sites in my State of California? Please click on California Sites.

startwinklesmall.gifHow about some uplifting positive thoughts? Click on,The Taxi Ride, Think Of Those Who Love You, Seize The Moment, My Reflections, Butterfly Lesson, If I Knew, and May You Feel Loved, The Mouse Who Made A House His Home, When Life Is Done.

startwinklesmall.gifLooking for some Fairy graphics? Just go to, Fairy Backs and Images.

startwinklesmall.gifThink your site has what it takes to win my award? Click on Win My Award, and apply.CLOSED

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