The Fairy Saddle Legend

Long, long ago in days of yore, It might've been sooner, if not before, Along a mountain track there came, A gallant Corgi of quite some fame. And there beside the track he spied A maiden fair, who to him cried, Oh kindly Corgi, hear my plea; I've fallen from my horse you see. And so before you further roam Would you please sir, take me home? So said the Corgi, ?I do confess; How could I leave you in distress?? So climb upon my back fair maid I'll take you home, as you have bade. And so the corgi started forth; My homes castle to the north.? They journey there, and at her door. She cried, I should have said before, I?m a fairy princess sir, you see, And for your kindness to me, I'll leave upon you neck and back All traces of the fairy track.? And till this day you still can find The fairy saddle to remind, How the Corgi helped the princess fair, And just as well for You will care.

Author Unknown

If you look close, you will see the corgi and fairy.


Animated Betty Boop Fairy Fairy and corgi dog Fairy rose innocence Scarlet fairy
Fairy yellow butterfly In the pink fairy Sea fairy Fairy lift me
Fall fairy Fairy in my hand Fairy day dreamer Animated magical fairy
Beach fairy Water Lilly fairy Tinkerbell fairy Peapod fairy
Fairy Magic Fairy sitting on toadstool Animated little fairy Fairy and the flute
Fairy I love you Bubble Fairy Fairy by the pond Falling leaves and fairy
African Fairy Fairy Nymph Iris Fairy Fairy good morning
Fairy bubble Fairy in boat Fairy Card Basket fairy
Cute little Valentine fairy Fairy Believe Pink rosebud fairy African white sparkle fairy
Large brown winged fairy Fairy Ballet fairy in picture frame Fairy Large winking
Baby fairy on mushroom Fairy thinking on mushroom Fairy and ants Purple fairy sparkle
Fairies in lilac tree Very large fairy dust fairy Very large fairy with flowers Animated water with fairy
Animated fairy in waterlilly Large green fairy Large valentine fairy Animated purple fairy wings
Animated red rose fairy Pinkie fairy Green wings fairy Yellow sparkle wings fairy
Fairy welcome Fairy Sugar Fairy's in the mist Brown Elf Fairy
I am here Fairy Going for a ride And the frog said to the fairy Fairy and the swans
Fairy and snail Fairy sending a letter Fairy doll cat Fairy doll
Fairy with wand Fairy on branch Little fairy Godmother Blue Fairy
Fairy and bunnies Fairy cartoon Sweet girl and fairy Beautiful fairy and dragon

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