bpinkfairy.gifFaeries are known to live in trees, your home (if it suits them), mushroom groups, underwater systems and even your garden roots! Known mostly to live in "Burgh's" or underground dwellings beneath hills and mountains. They live either solitary and reclusive lives or clan together to form a "Troop". The latter believed to be the more willing to help and more friendlier to humans. Also too are the Faery Islands which appear and disappear usually when something is needed from the mainlands or too, to aid sailors on their way.
Some of their favorite plants and herbs are Mistletoe, Foxglove, Jasmine, Primrose, Cowslip, Tulip, Straw, Strawberries, Dates and Poinsettias.
Known also, that specific Fey are most active at specific times and at specific seasons of the year. At these times, it is best to leave the fruits of the season or the celebration out for them, just to keep them around but also as a precautionary act!
As a rule, the more unfriendly ones are most active at the time of the waning moon and the friendliest are more active during the Waxing Moon
Some of the names given to the Faeries and Nature Spirits throughout the world are:
From Scotland - "The Still Ones", "Pixies", "The Wee Ones", "The Silent Moving Folk" and "Prowlies" From Ireland - "Wee Folk", "The Little Folk", "The Gentry", "The Good Folk", "The Blessed Ones" and "Them Who Prowl". Daoine Maith - The Good People, and Daoine Sidhe - The Faery People.
From Japan - ""Kami"
From Wales - "Them Who Be", "The Fair Folk", and "The Night Walkers"
From Egypt - "Hathor"
From England - among the above , "Little People" "Addlers" and "Menters".
From Nordic views - "Nixen" (water spirits), "Light Elves" and "Dark Elves" (or Huldafolk) - each depicting a type of faery, and "Alfar"
From Greece = The "Fauns", "Satyrs" and many other mythological beasts were considered faeries.
From Italy - " Fada"
From Polynesia - "Menehuna"
From Russia - "Domovoi"

Fairy Bars And Images

Flying Fairy With Dark Pink Roses Fairy On Pink Heart With Pink Roses Little Pink Fairy On Vines American Indian Fairy On Bar
Purple Fairy Bar Fairy With Back Back Bar Teddy Bears Fairy Fairy Magic Wand Animated
Fairy Flower Party Fairy Grace Boy Fairy Flower Fairy
I am Yours Fairy Little Fairy Purple Fairy Girl Animated Queen Fairy
Bronze Fairy Bubble Fairy Fairy Green Wings Animated Chalice Fairy Silver
Fairy Art Deco Fairy Art Deco Wings Fairy Candlelight Fairy caught in Web Oh No!
Fairy Babies In Tea Cup Old Fashion Fairy Fairy Holding Bird Fairy Bubble Animated
Pastel Fairy Pattern Fairy Fly With Me Fairy Fly With Me Fairy
Fairy And Dragon Fairy Girl Fairy Magic Fairy Blue
Valentine Fairy Small Animated Muti Color Fairy Wings Fairy Holding Globe Beautiful Fairy Gold
I believe Fairy Fairy Yellow Dust Fairy In Heart Fairy On Mushroom Ani.
Sexy Red Fairy Animated Fairy Fall Down Red Fairy Moon Ani Fairy and Ball
Animated Fairy Flutter Queen Fairy Tulips Fairy on Butterfly Come With Me Fairy
Fairy In Tune With Tulips Fairy Reaching For Star Purple Fairy Sparkle Fairy Gathering Dinner
Old Time Fairy Soap Fairy Hello Star Animated Green Leaf fairy Fairy's Twinkle
Orange Fire Fairy Star Bright Wishing Fairy Large Reach For Me Fairy Fairy Passage
Fairy Thinking Fairy Dance With Me Fairy Flutter Mushroom Fairy Please Please!
Fairy Queen Dragon Fairy Climbing Momma Mia Fairy Flame Keeper Fairy
Enter If You Dare! A New Fairy Being Born Please Hold Me Fairy Fairy Girls With Birds

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