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My Reflections Award Of Excellence

1999 Gold Winners

These sites have won my award under old criteria. Please feel free to re-apply for my upgraded awards program. If you have won our award, and don't see your name here, please let me know. A few of these links no longer work. If yours is among them, please let me know if you have changed your URL address

Closed-*Murphy's F-Key Saver Closed-*DaMallet's ToolShed Closed-*Sol Karina
Closed-*Mr Sands Place Closed-*Memories Closed-*Bills Link Page
Closed-*D Filipino Connection Closed-*Juvinila's Dennis Bergkamp Site
Closed-*Teisme's Page
*Insitute for Astroenergetic Studies Closed-*H.B. Klein Designs Closed-*Slave to The Vibe
*Mystic's Haven Closed-*Magdalena
*Templin Family Genealogy
Closed-*Barbara's Place Closed-*Pebble's Place Closed-*Cage's Own-Cutie
Closed-*Cage's WWWF Home
*San Diego Trout *Two Centuries Of Seguljas
Closed-*Snow Rogers Elementary School
Closed-*The Miniature Collecting and Painting Center
Closed-*Brian's Beach Consulting
*All family Resources Closed--*Bob's Paradise Closed-*A Gadzillion Things To Think About
Closed-*The Jenkins-Jeffries-Lee Family Page Closed-*all American Design Group
Closed-*The Little Dog Joschi
Closed-*Gladiol's Shetland Dogs Closed-*Rob's Place
Closed-*Space Center Shadow Star
Closed-*The Piggy Palace Closed-*Jalouda
Closed-*Lavenderia Pulp
Closed-*Learn About Ireland
Closed-*Sherrie's Little Place On The Web Closed-*Felix Bongers Website
Closed-*Seasons Goldens- Closed-*Black Russian Terrier Mustaterrieri
Closed-*Kenny The Tune Closed-*PierRats Empty


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