I hope you enjoy my fairy pages. I have always enjoyed the magical world of fairy's.

I have backgrounds, graphics, and a little bit of information on fairy's. I hope you enjoy yourself, and please come back soon.Just click on links to go to my Enchanted Fairy Kingdom.

If you take a walk through the forest, at midnight or dawn, you might happen to see the beauty of the fairy's. They are exceptionally intelligent and generally friendly unless they are bothered. They can best be seen if you ask them politely, never demanding.The most important thing about seeing a faerie is that you must believe in them, otherwise you will never get a chance.

Fairy's are most likely found in forests, meadowlands, near streams and brooks. Signs that a faerie may be near include: feeling as if someone is watching you when you see no one there, feeling as if an insect is touching you when it appears that there isn't one there, a wonderful fragrance or hushed giggling.

Remember, only true believers see fairy's! If you are lucky enough to see a fairy's you have experienced one of the most magical moments in your life.

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Fairy Images Page 4 Fairys In The Mist Fairy Midi's
Fairy Enchanted Magical Fairy Little Fairy
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Christmas Fairy Coming Coming

Background by: Pamela Walton: Blue Fairy Butterfly at top by: Pamela Walton

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