FaerieGlobe.gifFairies are small supernatural creatures of human form. They live in everyday surroundings. They are generally thought to be beneficial to humans. However, they are known to play pranks and it is best to treat them with respect. They are small, beautiful, airy, nearly transparent in body, and can assume any form. In Ireland fairies are called Sidhi, (pronounced "shee").
Fairies, as we know them today, are the ancient remnants of the Tuatha de Danaan, which means the people of the goddess Anu. Anu being like Mother Earth, the Tuatha were the gods and goddesses of the various aspects of nature. Like Nature itself, some were good and some were pretty frightening. With the onset of Christianity, these creatures, while still a rich part of Celtic myth and legend, grew considerably less forbidding and less powerful over the centuries becoming the whimsical, ethereal, airy, creatures we think of today.

Fairy Backgrounds

Fairy Border-Purple Background Border Background-Darkred Fairy Bordered Background Fairy In The Woods Background
Gargoyle With Fairy Fairys Flying Background Bordered Back Ground With Fairy Fairyland Background
Lady Fairy Background Beautiful Bordered Blue Background With Fairy Black Background Bordered With Fairy Fairy With Daisy Bordered BackGround
Dark Mute Fairy Background Fairy With Blue Background Bordered Bordered Background Gold Fairy Fairy Merry Me Blue border
Fairy Bordered Background Peach and black Fairy Bordered Background Black and Blue Fairy Bordered Background Black and Purple Bordered Background Fall Fairy
Bordered Background Fall 2 Fairy Bordered Background Spring Fairy Purple Bordered Background With Fairy Exotic Background Fairy
Pale Blue Bordered Background With Fairy Golden Delight Fairy Bordered Background Cream And Gold Bordered Background With Fairy Black Background Gold Fairy
Bordered Background Purple Lilly Mute Fairy Yellow Bordered Background Poppy Fairy Rose Fairy Bordered Background
Scarlet Fairy Bordered Background Deep Pink Bordered Background With Fairy Violet Back With Fairy Waterfall Fairy Bordered Back
Muted Waterfall Fairy Background Sunlight Woods Bordered Background Zareal Fairy Black Bordered Background Black Background Blue Fairy Bordered
White Bordered Background Clean Look Fairy Wise Old Fairy Bordered Back Butterfly Fairy Bordered Back Winged Fairy Bordered Back
Pretty Blue Fairy Bordered Back Fairy Sweetheart Bordered Back Melissa Fairy Bordered Back Black And White Socks Sitting Fairy Bordered Back
Black And White Fairy Bordered Back Smelling The Rose Fairy Bordered Back Fairy Sitting on Green Bordered Back Black And White Socks Standing Fairy Bordered Back
Dragon With Fairy Bordered Back Fairy Hiding Bordered Back Humming Bird With Fairy Bordered Back Purple Border Back Red Fairy
Pea Green Bordered Back Red Fairy LeAnn Fairy Bordered Back Enchanted Faries Black Border Empty
Tink background 3 Fairies Bordered Back Bordered Back White With Fairys Metal Fairy Black Bordered Back
Little Mushroom Fairy Bordered Back Sweet Pink Fairy Bordered Back Oh My Goodness Fairies Bordered Back Fairy Splash Bordered Back

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