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I have been asked a few times of "how in the world do you have two sounds playing in your Blue Fox Menu" Well here's the long, LOL, awaited answer. In about eight (8) seconds after this page is fully loaded another sound will start. Watch for your loading light to start flashing on your LBB. BTW the first or second sound may be any type you select to use. This only works on a web page not in e-mail. Once the second sound starts watch the bottom of your screen for the title text to change to the sound file name and extension of same.

Below is the code I used which is placed in between the head tags as all meta tags are placed there.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="8;URL=midis/givethanks.mid">

The 8 you will notice is how many seconds the second sound will start after the page is loaded. That number might need to be changed depending on a timing issue. My first sound is simply this
<bgsound src="midis/boss_here.wav">
which I always place after the body tag. After the page is completed test it and see how every thing works. I used a relative UTL vice an absolute URL for faster loading for both sounds naturally. So after the semi-colon you place the relative URL.

So you're not familiar with relative URL's? Not to worry just click here.

Until the second sound starts you might not be able to scroll or use the arrow keys but just be patience and all works A-OK once the second sound starts.

Not only does WebTV hear the two sounds but computers will hear both sounds as well, at least mine does. If there is a WebTV software version that does not hear both sounds I am not aware of it.

Tyhart shared this procedure with me a gazillion years ago & all I have done is embelished the procedure so tap your Info key and then click on Credits, have a nice day.

This page also gives a good explanation for two sounds on a web page.

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