Unconditional Love

The one single person who made the
biggest difference in my life was a
pastor. I was brought up Catholic.
One day I decided to attend a
protestant service and instantly loved
the church, and it's pastor. This man
accepted me warts and all, and
believe me, I wasn't easy to love.

I tried his patience with every
rebellious gene that I had but he
wouldn't waver from his dedication to
new christians and his love for
them...no matter how bad they are,
and because of this, he showed me
the love of Jesus; he demonstrated to
me that I was lovable even though I
was being a brat; he demonstrated
God's love!!

Through his efforts I began to know
God in a very different way: I began
to feel "safe" with this God; I began to
know that He loves me
UNconditionally and that He accepts
me for who I am RIGHT NOW. My
"wall" was eventually chipped away
and left me wide open and vulnerable
to letting this new God into my life
and heart.

Because of this pastor's unconditional
love for me he was instrumental in
my ability to love (and not fear) God
and to feel loved BY Him...he
SHOWED me God's love.

I'm not knocking the Catholic church
here (please don't think I am...I
respect all churches that aren't
downright cults) but for me, God
chose this pastor and this particular
protestant church for His very own
reasons. He works in the hearts of
those who He loves from anywhere
He chooses and His ways are not

It's our responsibility as christians to
show unconditional love, like Jesus
shows us, no matter how unlovable
the person is...Amen!!

Mary Silva
October, 2003

Matthew 5:46 ~ For if ye love them
which love you, what reward have
ye? do not even the publicans the

Matthew 5:47 ~ And if ye salute your
brethren only, what do ye more [than
others]? do not even the publicans so?