~ Precious Memories ~

Precious memories, they are
priceless and timeless, whenever I
want to put a joy into my heart I just
sit back for a minute and "remember

One of my favorite memories is of the
week that I spent on my aunts farm in
Maine, what a wonderful experience
that was, and believe me, there were
NO frills there. I remember the
dreaded outhouse that we had to use
because there was no indoor
bathroom facilities...heyyyy...there
were bugs in that outhouse!!...lol

We used well water for everything;
from doing dishes, to taking a bath, to
drinking and cooking; and the house
was lit up at night with kerosene
lamps, but you know what?...we were
close. There was no TV to distract us
from each other and no radio
either...we sat on the porch at night
and talked and listened to the night
sounds and watched the fireflies light
up the grounds. It was absolutely
beautiful!! We were far from
bored...oh no...not bored at all!! My
cousin Joey and I loved to capture the
fireflies in a jar and then watch the jar
light up with their glow. Of course we
always freed them after a time, but it
was soooo much fun.

During the day we would go "down
the road a piece" to the pond. "Down
the road a piece" was actually a
VERY long walk but we didn't mind it
because it was a beautiful walk down
a winding dirt, tree lined, road. The
pond, I remember, was small and the
water was a rust color, but who
cared? It was water and we could
swim in it. The edges of this pond
was all tree lined and every little
noise echoed through the relative
silence of the area. The only sounds
were of God's creatures who lived
there. There was a rope tied to one of
the trees that we could swing off of
and drop ourselves into the water
from the end of this rope...that was
reason for huge squeals of laughter
and gaity. We had to be very careful
though: the water was filled with
leeches, but we were very adept at
spotting and thus avoiding them, we
never got one on us.

That week was so special because
we did everything together and there
was lots to do: we climbed trees;
visited with the kids "down the road
apiece"; played with the animals on
the farm; just tons of things to keep
us occupied and happy.

Whenever I think of that week in
Maine my heart warms and my spirit
leaps for the remarkable memories of
days gone by. Too bad things aren't
like that today. You say yuk to
kerosene lamps and well water but
those are the things that kept families
together as families. Today the kids
are behind their TV while dad
watches the game on his, and mom is
busy doing whatever she does.
Todays family is a family of strangers
compared to what we had yesterday
and we can thank modern technology
for that...yup.

It's unbelievable and inconceivable to
me that some people don't know how
to talk to their own children; they
have no idea who those precious little
people are because they don't break
from modern technology long enough
to find out.

I feel strongly that America needs to
get back to the basics of living; back
to being a family; back to just
enjoying life together. Turn off the
TV's. Put that CD up. Never mind the
video games. We need to get out
there in that back yard and just enjoy
each other and the world around
us...because there's nothing more
beautiful than the God given gifts that
we already have within our own
families and within the vicinity of our
own back yards...Amen!!

Mary Silva
October, 2003